Rebellion 2540
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Time 14:50 date, October 25, 2540. ONI believed they have made a genetic soldier that can replace UNSC marines. Once they did, a rebellion broke out with the UNSC marines. Wanting their job back, some of them were in brought back in. Other’s were shot and killed on the spot by Forerunner’s. A few of them escaped with their life, started to spread lies about ONI and their soldiers. Then they got enough of their follower’s to formulate an affective rebellion. I can not say my name cause then they will find me. For who ever finds the note, run for your life. You know the truth of the ONI soldier replacement system. Please, keep this information safe with you at all times… They have found me, I don’t have much time. Take this note to Duran in the Eternal star system. The person you are looking for is a Field Marshal named Marcus. Make sure he get’s this note; a lot of good marines were killed because of this… Just a flesh wound, I’ll walk it off…


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prolog
Ch. 1 what was before?
Ch. 2 before solitude.
Ch. 3 Project Spartan I.
Ch. 4 long night alone
Ch. 5 Noble
Ch. 6 The End of Noble
Ch. 7 Reunion of Old Friends
Ch. 8 forerunner
Ch. 9 Have Mercy in Fate.
Ch. 10 Body and Mind.


YoungWriter Sunday, 8 April 2012
Excellent! Loving it. Also if it's okay with you, can you check out my stories if you have the time?

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