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Lady Justice And The Vigilante
GenreMystery / Humour
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Monday, 6 February 2012
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A vigilante is stalking the streets of Kansas City administering his own brand of justice when the justice system fails.
Criminals are being executed right under the noses of the police department.
A new recruit to the City Retiree Action Patrol steps up to help Walt and Ox bring an end to his reign of terror.
But not everyone wants the vigilante stopped. His bold reprisals against the criminal element of Kansas City have inspired the average citizen to take up arms and defend themselves.
As the body count mounts, public opinion is split --- is it justice or is it murder?
A moral delimma that will leave you laughing and weeping.


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Agatha Peasebody Friday, 15 June 2012
I'm just getting used to using my Netbook and meant to give you 3 stars and not a half! You are American? You have suffered a loss of some kind recently?
There was a level of pathos to the writing, which I liked. The format - indenting every other sentence - seemed a bit staccato?
My comic writing is on a blog and the Pom-Pom letters on this - the last piece on this site (page 34!)
Linda, UK

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