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Submitted:Tuesday, 31 January 2012
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My name is Caroline Color. I am eleven years old. My parents are gone. I am alone. One necklace changed my life forever. I am now linked to a mystical world; Colors. I can only protect myself by leaving my home. And never coming back. But my life is with my family, my friends.

So I am offered a deal. I can go back, but, I have to find the other half. Of the magical stone on my necklace. The only thing is, I have no idea where to start.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Secrets
Ch. 2 In Colors
Ch. 3 Finding the Dining Room


percyjackson888 Sunday, 22 April 2012
Thanks for commenting except for one of you (hint: the person that insulted me
Angie0808 Sunday, 22 April 2012
Angie0808 Sunday, 22 April 2012
pretty lame, but it's a nice storyline. like it!:)
Shannon K. Sunday, 12 February 2012
It's written fairly well. However, I think it'd be better suited for Caroline's reaction to be something more like, "Yeah right. A magical land."
And then of course, have her slip into it and be like, " she wasn't kidding."
It's just more realistic. :)
Nice job, anyway.

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