The Summer I Died
GenreSci-Fi / Young Adult
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Thursday, 26 January 2012
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Death rides the solar winds as the Deintus, the grey aliens of Earthís lore, strike at the heart of the New Spanish Empireís outposts. An Empire built on exploration and nonviolence stands helpless against this space borne threat. How can the Empire defend itself? Where can they go for help? The answer is supplied by the Jesuit Order of the New Catholic Church, make an expedition back to the Old World and bring back answers that will save the Empire and the Church. Anna, now Warren Officer Angelica Suarez, has sworn a pledge to avenge her people. She must grow up faster now on their journey and take command of her emotions and the mission to see to its success.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Beginnings
Ch. 2 Wheels Within Wheels
Ch. 3 School's Out for the Summer
Ch. 4 The Black Pope
Ch. 5 Selena Gomez on My Mind
Ch. 6 The Arch Bishop's Plan
Ch. 7 Lieutenant Marinero's Mission
Ch. 8 The Lieutenant's Deception
Ch. 9 The Sim, the Fiasco and the Promotion
Ch. 10 The Dominican's Response
Ch. 11 A Leaky Secret
Ch. 12 Sibling Rivalry
Ch. 13 The Infanta
Ch. 14 Anna's Special Day
Ch. 15 R & R
Ch. 16 Anna's Deception
Ch. 17 Tea and Distractions
Ch. 18 The Sister Shanghaied
Ch. 19 The Link, the Wine and the Vice Member
Ch. 20 The Nun Pounces
Ch. 21 An Uneasy Alliance
Ch. 22 Suarez Takes Charge
Ch. 23 What Have I Become?
Ch. 24 A New Drone - A New Day Dawns
Ch. 25 Klingons, Romulans & Captain Kirk
Ch. 26 Uncle Salazar
Ch. 27 You Gotta Love San Francisco
Ch. 28 Captain James Allen USAF
Ch. 29 32nd Spatiotemporal Exploratory Aggregation
Ch. 30 The Dominican's Strike
Ch. 31 Am I Just a Killer?
Ch. 32 Gold, Guts & Glory
Ch. 33 Tough Life For a Tough Girl
Ch. 34 Disturbing News
Ch. 35 For Emilio Rodriguez Dominguez


Amanda J. Silberg Thursday, 31 May 2012
you need to work on your commas!
Other than that; I like the idea! Please note me, when you've edited this! Would really like to read the rest then!

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Bob Craton Tuesday, 3 April 2012
Suggestion: Chapter 2 consists just of a narrative description of background information. Can you think of a way to jump right into the action and dialogue and let and reveal this gradually? (As i noticed in later chapters.) Your book does need some polishing but that is normal so don't get discouraged. Writing is a skill people must learn but imagination is something else - either you have it or you don't.
P.S.: Like everyone else on this website, I have books of my own to promote. I would love to find out if you have any interest in them.
Frank Holtry Saturday, 28 January 2012
The story seems interesting, but it needs a lot of work. I'd suggest submitting chapters, perhaps two at a time since they're short, to the Writer's Digest critique group for critiques. You'll get a lot of very valuable suggestions and insights.

Frank Holtry

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