Souls for Whom Jesus Died (NZ)
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My goal since 1999 has been to try to talk to one stranger every day about Jesus. For a long time I carried a notebook with me entitled “Souls for Whom Jesus Died.” Into this I wrote the names of every person I talked with personally, what country they came from & in a few words what we talked about.

At the beginning and end of some of the accounts I reflected on the encounter. No 1 is about a Bank Guard and this showed me how important it is to obey the prompting of His Spirit & the amazing circumstances that can follow.

Why do I write about these adventures? I guess I hope a few others will be silly enough to do what I do! (I leave out the really personal details that I talk about with people.) Many people ask me how I start conversations with perfect strangers- well, this is why I've written what I have. (I have 4 series - NZ, Australia, China and the Middle East.)


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Bank Guard (Auckland)
Ch. 2 Prompted through a Dream
Ch. 3 "I'm far too old for Jesus."
Ch. 19 Kingi
Ch. 21 The Carpenter
Ch. 30 "You Christians are all hypocrites!"
Ch. 34 Smiles Warm the Soul


Anne Locke Sunday, 5 September 2010
I think this is really good! ...You should write more and turn it into a short book and get it published... It's very encouraging, thank you :)
paul schoaff Monday, 6 July 2009
Not my favorite sort of writing on this one, but very professionally done, nonetheless.

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