From the Mind to the Page.
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Submitted:Monday, 5 December 2011
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Poems that I have written over my years.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 I Remember
Ch. 2 Seasons
Ch. 3 I Am
Ch. 4 The One That Got Away
Ch. 5 I love You
Ch. 6 Life is Like a Painting
Ch. 7 You are Beautiful
Ch. 8 When Life is Too Much..
Ch. 9 Rest
Ch. 10 How Things Changed..
Ch. 11 In the Rain
Ch. 12 Oh How I Miss You
Ch. 13 Scared to Death
Ch. 14 A Box Without A Top
Ch. 15 When I'm Alone
Ch. 16 Braylee
Ch. 17 The View
Ch. 18 Lost Love
Ch. 19 I Miss Him
Ch. 20 All this Crap
Ch. 21 I Love You So Much
Ch. 22 Love Forever
Ch. 23 When I Think of Love
Ch. 24 Notice Me?
Ch. 25 I Just Want To Feel
Ch. 26 The Cycle
Ch. 27 Don't Keep Me Waiting
Ch. 28 Maybe One Day
Ch. 29 And I See Now
Ch. 30 Maybe, I Wonder
Ch. 31 Just Lay Here