The Step Sister vs. Cinderella
GenreFantasy / Romance
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Sunday, 27 November 2011
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Paige finds high school boring. So she escapes to her sister, having fun playing a princess and running wild. Escaping guards and playing with her 'Aunts' and Uncles' she's enjoying life.
But shes forgotten that in fairy tale land, princesses attract all kinds of attention. Even more so since she's the sister of the infamous Queen Ruby.
With things coming to a boil in Armith, Paige is left trying her own happily ever after.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Knight
Ch. 2 The Field
Ch. 3 The Sister
Ch. 4 The Tree
Ch. 5 The Peace
Ch. 6 The Tower
Ch. 7 The Ladies
Ch. 8 The Ambush
Ch. 9 The Brawl
Ch. 10 The Questioning
Ch. 11 The Answer
Ch. 12 The Punishment
Ch. 13 Halloween
Ch. 14 The Dance
Ch. 15 The News
Ch. 16 The Reunion
Ch. 17 The Watch
Ch. 18 The Labour
Ch. 19 The Wake-Up
Ch. 20 The Explanation
Ch. 21 The Reacquaintance
Ch. 22 The Guards
Ch. 23 The Assassination Attempt
Ch. 24 The First Day
Ch. 25 The Friends
Ch. 26 The Cafeteria
Ch. 27 The Bush Party
Ch. 28 The Night Field
Ch. 29 The Drink
Ch. 30 The Morning After
Ch. 31 The Rumour
Ch. 32 The Ex
Ch. 33 The Drug
Ch. 34 The Amnesia
Ch. 35 The Culprit
Ch. 36 The Call
Ch. 37 The Homecoming
Ch. 38 The Spies
Ch. 39 The Argument
Ch. 40 The Sparring
Ch. 41 The Family
Ch. 42 The Burn
Ch. 43 The Figures
Ch. 44 The Water
Ch. 45 The Pins
Ch. 46 The Escape
Ch. 47 The Window
Ch. 48 The Climb
Ch. 49 The Stable
Ch. 50 The Reinforcements
Ch. 51 The Claim
Ch. 52 The Epilogue


chili2010 Sunday, 30 September 2012
Great! Keep up the goodwork!
D.E.P. Wednesday, 23 May 2012
Great work here. Your writing flows with rythem and the desciption is not overwhelming or underwhelming, just right. However, I wish you would provide background information in the very beginning. I feel that the events proceeding happen before my eyes but am utterly confused and exasperated at what the storyline is. If you provide these essential details, or perhaps you provide it in the second chapter, your story would be one that will grab the attention of several individuals. Also, the humor is not quite funny. I attempted to provide a bit of humor in my story line and it shifted the tone to the wrong direction. Other than this, you writing is touching perfectness. I wish you well in you writing career. If you have time, can you also review my first chapter? I would appreciate to have a fine author as yourself review the beginng of my novel. Thank you. Don't ever give up.
Sofia17 Monday, 5 December 2011
I really like the short chapters and the story is great so keep up the good work:)

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