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GenrePoetry / Short Stories
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Sunday, 13 November 2011
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List of chapters

Ch. 1 A smile is a smile
Ch. 2 I am hate
Ch. 3 Ode to the burning leaf
Ch. 4 Adoration
Ch. 5 Ode to the foot
Ch. 6 Moon
Ch. 7 the end of the world
Ch. 8 love
Ch. 9 Bella was a feild mouse
Ch. 10 Fallen Rain
Ch. 11 This story is dedicated to one of my good friends Aallya
Ch. 12 RING!


Mi Wang Tuesday, 6 December 2011
........2 poems sound familiar,and also the story for aallya.......
Yours 4 Good Thursday, 1 December 2011
i started thiis story and never finnished it so... it sucks i know.
Xixaraq Tuesday, 22 November 2011
Um... What?!
Stormi Thursday, 17 November 2011
post some of everybody's poems and tell who it's by!!! post my poems :)
Xixaraq Thursday, 17 November 2011
How eciting the end of the world. :)

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