Broken Soul - Call of the Draken
GenreSci-Fi / Thriller
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 9 November 2011
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Andy Sussek was just an ordinary man leading a mundane life, until an unusual vision of the future leads him down a path which he has little control over. Now Andy struggles to survive in the far future, where a strange cult of assassins mistakes him for someone else, hunting him without mercy.
With the aid of a mysterious new friend, he learns that inaction can have dire repercussions. Choosing to step forward and proclaim himself as the being the assassins hunted, he takes fate into his own hands, taking leadership in a time where little was present, and staving off the deadly Vargoth before they can wipe out countless human colonies.
Yet for all of his efforts, the Vargoth prove to be too great a threat for him to handle. In the end, the colonies would fall to overwhelming numbers, forcing Andy to turn to the Alliance, a powerful navy that his predecessor once commanded. With the aid of a Matriarch, Andy must now stave off the vision that led him on this course, changing fate itself in a bid to prevent humanity's annihilation.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Awakened
Ch. 2 Taken
Ch. 3 Deliverance
Ch. 4 Descent
Ch. 5 Routine
Ch. 6 Rejected
Ch. 7 Refusal
Ch. 8 Transformation
Ch. 9 Confrontation
Ch. 10 Acceptance
Ch. 11 Departure