My Life is a Roller Coaster (Poetry)
GenrePoetry / Non Fiction
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Sunday, 6 November 2011
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Im crazy, insane, I have depression and anxiety, But I fall in love hard, I write about the hatred I feel, the torture I've been put thru, the love I've been in and out of and I write about just anything....Some are random but most hold a lot of meaning.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 To Many Lies
Ch. 2 One Day, One Person
Ch. 3 Not a Game
Ch. 4 Scared
Ch. 5 Perfection
Ch. 6 Everyday
Ch. 7 My Mind
Ch. 8 Roller Coaster
Ch. 9 Lying
Ch. 10 Forever
Ch. 11 Life
Ch. 12 What Love Says
Ch. 13 Lovely in Yourself
Ch. 14 Maybe?
Ch. 15 If I Was a Boy
Ch. 16 Kissing You
Ch. 17 Missing you
Ch. 18 Fake
Ch. 19 Does He?
Ch. 20 Haunted
Ch. 21 Falling Down
Ch. 22 I know
Ch. 23 Lost
Ch. 24 Baby I'm Sorry
Ch. 25 Faith or Misery?
Ch. 26 Emotion
Ch. 27 Darkness
Ch. 28 She's Everything She Doesn't See
Ch. 29 Do You Know My Secret?
Ch. 30 Hold Me Close
Ch. 31 This Never Ending Fear
Ch. 32 Just So
Ch. 33 My World Painted
Ch. 34 A Poem For An Old Friend
Ch. 35 Thoughts Like This
Ch. 36 I Am Me
Ch. 37 You
Ch. 38 Charade
Ch. 39 My Love For You
Ch. 40 Never Knew Love Like This
Ch. 41 Why Would You Care?