Cinderella vs. Happily Ever After
GenreFantasy / Romance
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Tuesday, 1 November 2011
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(8 ratings)
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Valerie's pissed. Bad enough Darren drugged her and sent her away to keep her from danger, but he's managed to get himself trapped in his own palace. A palace now under control of the enemy.
So that she can show him exactly why he is never to do that to her again, Valerie must raise an army of her own so she can rescue Darren. And then kill him herself.
Last book of three.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Awakening
Ch. 2 The Goodbye
Ch. 3 The Disguise
Ch. 4 The Town
Ch. 5 The Walk
Ch. 6 The Fall
Ch. 7 The Gate
Ch. 8 The Camp
Ch. 9 The Nest
Ch. 10 The Surprise
Ch. 11 The Attackers
Ch. 12 The Parting
Ch. 13 The Stranger
Ch. 14 The Soldier
Ch. 15 The Tower
Ch. 16 The Wizard
Ch. 17 The Advice
Ch. 18 The Leaving
Ch. 19 Berrymeet
Ch. 20 The Militia
Ch. 21 The Country Lass
Ch. 22 The Rumours
Ch. 23 The Carriage
Ch. 24 The Unfortunate Name
Ch. 25 The Other Militia
Ch. 26 Miss Ash
Ch. 27 The Temptation
Ch. 28 The Rocks
Ch. 29 The Forest of Men
Ch. 30 The Prayer
Ch. 31 The Debt
Ch. 32 The Laughter
Ch. 33 The Flight
Ch. 34 The Landing
Ch. 35 The Recruits
Ch. 36 The Shouting
Ch. 37 The Princess
Ch. 38 The Leader
Ch. 39 The Introductions
Ch. 40 The Stress
Ch. 41 The Begininng
Ch. 42 The Doors
Ch. 43 The Ice
Ch. 44 The Ice-People
Ch. 45 The Conditions
Ch. 46 The Magician's Fight
Ch. 47 The Trap
Ch. 48 The Red Woman
Ch. 49 The Puppets
Ch. 50 Darren
Ch. 51 The Crystal
Ch. 52 The Kiss
Ch. 53 The Epilogue


David Jae Thursday, 27 February 2014
An interesting story with compelling characters. It is not too heavy with description and moves at a good pace. Some of your dialogue is a bit stilted in places, but that just need a little work.

CharleyVS Wednesday, 20 November 2013
love it love it love it i just love it
Mishal Thursday, 23 May 2013
I loved this book
i am waiting for more
you are fantastic i wrote a book Granny May read it plz and tell me if any mistakes
black fire night Sunday, 9 December 2012
I like it I think its interesting I like the plot to it too :) amd if you don't mind but please visit my books thay can help you find love so stop reading about love experience it for you self and let somebody else reading your story. So please visit my user name is Ravenlight and I hope love come for you all soon :)
C.W Gibbon Monday, 6 August 2012
If this was made into a DVD then I would seriously buy it, it is that good. No not good BRILLIANT!

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