Far Away
GenreWar / Young Adult
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Monday, 31 October 2011
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The world almost ended, people came from all over the world with a special power to stop the moon from colliding with the Earth. They all died, as they do each time, and new ones rise.
I didn't meat him by coincidence, but now that I have him, I cant let him die.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Characters
Ch. 1 Samantha's Story
Ch. 2 Shakespeare's Story
Ch. 4 Love In My Head
Ch. 5 In My Arms
Ch. 6 Walls
Ch. 7 Songs


Jasmine Syms Wednesday, 2 November 2011
Sounds interesting, would really like to read. Post more plz and I'll re-comment. And btw, plz read one of my books. Pick a book, any book.
lost in thought Tuesday, 1 November 2011
This sounds interesting. post more and i'll rate.

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