we hate cheese
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Submitted:Saturday, 15 October 2011
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bobbys sisters wrote a diary about photosithisis and it got him in big trouble

now hes at disney and wants to kill him self

hes only 6years old and has 2 nerd systers and has tarible spelling and gramnner


List of chapters

Ch. 1 why did i say i hate cheese
Ch. 2 the cake .. if you find a bad word please inform me.
Ch. 3 now the story
Ch. 4 disney


Eva Penn Wednesday, 14 August 2013
post more. this actually pretty funny
Eva Penn Wednesday, 14 August 2013
this was actually a lot more entertaining then i would have thought it would be :D
ashash01 Wednesday, 20 March 2013
yes i totally agree with you my sisters are complete nerds but im not :(
mr loser Saturday, 22 October 2011
my name says it all
shanniebear Monday, 17 October 2011
oddly creepy....but slightly funny...

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