It Sucks to be an Assassin
GenreFan fiction / Young Adult
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Sunday, 18 September 2011
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“'It is not safe for you out there,' he insisted.

I tug my arm again. 'I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, thanks.' I kept resisting, but he just wouldn’t let go.

'You need to stay here, where you are safe,' he said, his accent seeping through.

I looked over at the front door longingly, hoping to get out of this crazy man’s house. Outside the window, I noticed it was nighttime. I was looking around past the window, hoping to get some sort of idea of were I was incase I got the chance to call the police, when something scared the crap out of me. I thought I saw movement outside.

Ian seemed to notice my uneasiness. 'What is it?' he questioned.


I barely had enough time to calm down and slow my breathing when we heard the sound of glass crashing somewhere in the house.

Somebody was here."


List of chapters

Ch. 1 It Was No Use
Ch. 2 Not Just Your Ordinary Job
Ch. 3 Plan Set in Motion
Ch. 4 When Poison's Not an Option...
Ch. 5 I'm No Damsel in Distress
Ch. 6 Waking Up
Ch. 7 Two Kinds Of Falling
Ch. 8 Explain Yourself
Ch. 9 Freefalling
Ch. 10 Definitely NOT Normal
Ch. 11 Pushing Me Away
Ch. 12 She Was Alive
Ch. 13 I Had No One
Ch. 14 My Vision Turned Red


Eíryn Grayce Sorenson Tuesday, 24 September 2013
Alright, so this is pretty good. If I had to give any constructive criticism it would be that you need to give more back story. Also, the girl is an assassin so maybe some internal struggle? Unless she's been conditioning for this all her life, most people wouldn't be okay with murdering random strangers. So I'd add a bit more of something like that. Otherwise it's beautiful. Good potential. I look forward to seeing if you make any changes and to reading the rest.

Shannon K. Tuesday, 11 October 2011
Awesome. Finally a writer who knows what they're doing. XD
Will read more.
BittersweetIrony Monday, 19 September 2011
Really great so far, please continue.

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