GenreYoung Adult / Humour
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Tuesday, 19 May 2009
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Savannah Ripley is fourteen years old, born and raised in Indiana, and is forced to move to Paramount with her mother, step-father, and popular step-brother. Reluctant and resentful, Savannah is determined to move back to Graysville in less than a week into the school year. But when she arrives in Paramount, she stumbles across a group of friendly teenagers such as two girls at a bus stop, a bubbly, blond sophomore; two Italian kids, and six popular students. Her encounter with one of the popular girls brings her into the hierarchy of popularity. She falls for the handsome, but sweet football player, meets a girl with a high superiority to others, talks to a wisecracking soccer player, and shares homeroom with a low-key cheerleader. We enter the lives of six of these students to understand their daily lives, relationships with others, and why they see partying and football games as a town religion. Sometimes, popularity is Paramount.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Savannah
Ch. 2 Holly
Ch. 3 Paramount High School
Ch. 4 Carter
Ch. 5 Journalism
Ch. 6 Lunchtime/Dialouge
Ch. 7 New Friends
Ch. 8 Gym Class Zeroes
Ch. 9 Andy
Ch. 10 The Magic 8 Ball
Ch. 11 Elisha
Ch. 12 Reese
Ch. 13 Failure
Ch. 14 I Told You So
Ch. 15 The Littlest Things
Ch. 16 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
Ch. 17 It's A Wonderful Life
Ch. 18 Homeroom
Ch. 19 The Bet
Ch. 20 Via Text
Ch. 21 Hanging Out With Judy
Ch. 22 Andy, Are You Okay?
Ch. 23 Starbucks
Ch. 24 Memoirs
Ch. 25 The Key
Ch. 26 Pep Ralley
Ch. 27 Mrs. Cunningham
Ch. 28 Friday
Ch. 29 Finding Out His Name
Ch. 30 A Day By The Pool
Ch. 31 Knowing The Right Moves
Ch. 32 The Party
Ch. 33 Drama At The Party
Ch. 34 Holly and Savannah
Ch. 35 Grandparents
Ch. 36 Quality Time
Ch. 37 Babysitting
Ch. 38 Problems And Such
Ch. 39 Switching Classes
Ch. 40 An Awkward Introduction
Ch. 41 Out In The Commons
Ch. 42 Room One
Ch. 43 Savannah and Carter
Ch. 44 Andy and Palma
Ch. 45 The Second Friday
Ch. 46 Fan Club
Ch. 47 Holly's Potency
Ch. 48 The Football Game
Ch. 49 From Suburban To Urban
Ch. 50 Judgement Day
Ch. 51 Boyfriend
Ch. 52 "We won!"


tiffanyaye Saturday, 28 June 2014
You are a really great writer, you really know how to use descriptive words and get into detail. Love it!
Karen Juno Wednesday, 2 October 2013
Don't worry Dani, you're pretty enough to be raped. LOL!!
Karen Juno Wednesday, 2 October 2013
This kinda reminds me of Lisi Harrison. Her writing is so intriguing.
yoshita Monday, 23 September 2013
This is so good! the details are perfect. I am surely going to take some tips from here for my story!
Camille Ruth Harding Friday, 19 October 2012
Really enjoyed reading the first chapter, looking forward to reading some more later on today :)

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