Watching the Ripples Radiate.
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Submitted:Monday, 21 January 2008
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Ever found yourself personified in verse?
It's likely to happen here, starkly and resonantly, in the pages of Marshal Gebbie's first book of everyday poetry for everyman....


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Have You Dreamt ?
Ch. 2 Spare Moments Thought of Today's Bush
Ch. 3 The Simple Things in Life
Ch. 4 Ordinary People Thinking
Ch. 5 The Catalyst
Ch. 6 Heaven by the Sea
Ch. 7 Who Will Make the Gaunt Ghosts Sing ?
Ch. 8 Sir Ed
Ch. 9 Shades of a Sentimental Lover
Ch. 10 The Pride & Prejudice of an Adopted Son
Ch. 11 Lost Soul
Ch. 12 When You Live on the Wrong Side of Sixty
Ch. 13 My Plain White Wall
Ch. 14 Remember This...
Ch. 15 Seabird
Ch. 16 The Money Men
Ch. 17 Thin She Looks...
Ch. 18 There's Them
Ch. 19 It's in the Wood !
Ch. 20 Christines' Man
Ch. 21 Bleak Day at the Bridge
Ch. 22 Kathryns' Dawn
Ch. 23 Hampton Interlude
Ch. 24 Warming Up a Winters Day
Ch. 25 The Anguish of Dark Thought
Ch. 26 Quandryplus
Ch. 27 To My Darling Janet
Ch. 28 Coffee with a Stranger
Ch. 29 Love Your Kids - Solomon
Ch. 30 Love Your Kids - Boaz
Ch. 31 Love Your Kids - Robin
Ch. 32 White Foggy Days
Ch. 33 A Kindness
Ch. 34 The Easy Easter Club
Ch. 35 No Rain from Yonder Blue
Ch. 36 Enchantment of the Moment
Ch. 37 Coming to Terms with Oblivion
Ch. 38 Oh Your Heart Should Weep for China
Ch. 39 Snapping Out of It
Ch. 40 "8"
Ch. 41 Musica and Beauty in the Sunshine, by the Sea.
Ch. 42 To My Dear Dead Mother
Ch. 43 Makin' Dust
Ch. 44 The Red Poppy
Ch. 45 The Recruit
Ch. 46 To: The Oil Barons
Ch. 47 Ant
Ch. 48 God's Own Nectar
Ch. 49 "Poor Brother Love"?
Ch. 50 Red Leaves
Ch. 51 Narrow Horizons
Ch. 52 Zanzibar
Ch. 53 Ode to an Aviator
Ch. 54 Demagogues
Ch. 55 Change
Ch. 56 Parabolas
Ch. 57 The Photographer
Ch. 58 The Ghost at Dawson Falls
Ch. 59 Sing a Pure & Simple Song
Ch. 60 Into the Goblin Forest
Ch. 61 Blame
Ch. 62 Heartbeat in my Ear
Ch. 63 My Brother Bryan
Ch. 64 Monetary Meltdown
Ch. 65 Motives of the Dead Hero
Ch. 66 She Who ......
Ch. 67 Where Do They Find the Grafters ?
Ch. 68 Manukau Idyll
Ch. 69 Whilst in the Torment of the Storm
Ch. 70 For Armageddon Won't Wait on the Shelf.
Ch. 71 Death by Drowning
Ch. 72 Summertime Majestic
Ch. 73 The Lost Lotus
Ch. 74 Consequences
Ch. 75 MHX on Parade
Ch. 76 Friends
Ch. 77 No ?
Ch. 78 So Dawn's Great Day is Out of Time,
Ch. 79 Going Backwards
Ch. 80 Pets.
Ch. 81 Complainers
Ch. 82 The Bach
Ch. 83 Lucky, Lucky Boys !
Ch. 84 It's a Girl
Ch. 85 Time
Ch. 86 Golf
Ch. 87 Accolades
Ch. 88 Time Bandit
Ch. 89 Skim of the Sixties
Ch. 90 The Obama Challenge
Ch. 91 Special Hero
Ch. 92 Boys on the Other Planet
Ch. 93 Lime Surprise in the Hot Afternoon
Ch. 94 Wot's Round the Bend?
Ch. 95 Au Revoir my Oldest Son
Ch. 96 Be OK by Tonite
Ch. 97 Irrepressible Fame
Ch. 98 About Deano for Maree
Ch. 99 The Winds of Life
Ch. 100 Sagging towards Obscurity
Ch. 101 Taking it Tough.
Ch. 102 Laughter!
Ch. 103 Tidal
Ch. 104 Dusk's Final Sunbeam
Ch. 105 Where is Your God in This?
Ch. 106 Clearing the Cobwebs
Ch. 107 Proceed
Ch. 108 M.H.X. Emergeth
Ch. 109 Max's Dawn
Ch. 110 Gone!
Ch. 111 This Man
Ch. 112 Capital Kings
Ch. 113 Unsullied Spirit
Ch. 114 This Indian Summer
Ch. 115 Capitalism's Flaw
Ch. 116 Short Letter to Sammi.
Ch. 117 Bon Voyage
Ch. 118 April's Fickle Moon
Ch. 119 Preaching
Ch. 120 The Poet's Interviewer
Ch. 121 Revelations
Ch. 122 Urgencies
Ch. 123 Russia's Velvet Melancholy
Ch. 124 Eskimo's are O.K.
Ch. 125 Faces in the Crowd
Ch. 126 Frustration !
Ch. 127 Torchlight
Ch. 128 Autumn Love
Ch. 129 Autumn Love 2
Ch. 130 Gunboat Pirates
Ch. 131 That Dull Routine
Ch. 132 Heaven's Gate
Ch. 133 The Ravages of Time
Ch. 134 Arid Lands
Ch. 135 Laying at the Altar of the Sacrificial Goat.
Ch. 136 Communication Nexus
Ch. 137 The Inheritors
Ch. 138 Facing Your Demons
Ch. 139 Travellers on the Orient Express
Ch. 140 Hitting the Balance
Ch. 141 Long Distance Kiss
Ch. 142 Echo's of the Day
Ch. 143 Autumn Rain
Ch. 144 Savages
Ch. 145 The Worms that Drive You
Ch. 146 Mud Pies with Vega
Ch. 147 There Must be Dreams
Ch. 148 Lavender Blue
Ch. 149 An Astounding Reciprocosity
Ch. 150 Roar the Anthem
Ch. 151 Failings
Ch. 152 Cousin Dear
Ch. 153 Cyclical
Ch. 154 Pier Five
Ch. 155 Thoughts before Dawn
Ch. 156 Limitations.
Ch. 157 Civilization Lost
Ch. 158 Ageing
Ch. 159 A Solitary Rendezvous.
Ch. 160 Bernard's House
Ch. 161 Conversations with Ivy
Ch. 162 Breathless in the Morning
Ch. 163 Riding the Iron Horse
Ch. 164 Pushing It
Ch. 165 Ode to Pamela
Ch. 166 The Rush for the Kill.
Ch. 167 Memorable Moments
Ch. 168 Lest We Forget
Ch. 169 Twice Around the Corner
Ch. 170 The Witch in the Ditch
Ch. 171 Trouble
Ch. 172 A Sweet Celebration
Ch. 173 Once, So Wetly One.
Ch. 174 Oh Darling Wife of Mine
Ch. 175 Hiatus
Ch. 176 Reflections
Ch. 177 From Whence ?
Ch. 178 A Man of Men
Ch. 179 To Love the Skin You Live In
Ch. 180 The Mores of Men
Ch. 181 Spirit of the Season
Ch. 182 Commentry
Ch. 183 Carbonaceous
Ch. 184 Love the Mirror
Ch. 185 Afghans
Ch. 186 In Toasting Mike....
Ch. 187 Blondes
Ch. 188 Mediterranean
Ch. 189 Solace Alone
Ch. 190 What Chance have We ?
Ch. 191 Autumnal
Ch. 192 Blown Reeds
Ch. 193 Burnt Umber
Ch. 194 Banish the Beast
Ch. 195 Malady
Ch. 196 Sadness in the Gale
Ch. 197 Pike
Ch. 199 Who Are We Going to Ask Now ?
Ch. 200 Your Cup Hath Overfloweth....


Lexx__ Tuesday, 28 January 2014
Absolutely love this poem. I adore it.
Stuart Lewsey Evans Tuesday, 7 January 2014
I am new to this site but I had to leave this message. I Adore this poem and it kicked me into shape I can tell you! Thank you for your work, such a gift a great soul.
Rocky Rochford Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Wow, so very beautifully put, amazing work. You have a way with words, any chance you could check out my book of poetry and give me some pointers perhaps.

My book is: The Life of Little Boy Death
victoria-dw Tuesday, 4 June 2013
I found it from the footnote..wonderful...will be back for a look-see later. victoria (HP)
Violet Madding Sunday, 17 March 2013
I love it, it's so light and airy

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