Me, Myself and I by Cedric Murray.
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Any of you who read my books or Dreamhearts books will undoubtedly know about my amazing best friend Cedric. You'll know that he's funny, witty, clever and I love him more than anything else in the world.
What most of you won't know, however, is that, in the short space of fifteen (almost sixteen) years, Cedric's suffered through abuse, depression, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, heartbreak, rape and self-harm.
For our creative writing class, we were asked to write an autobiographical piece. Cedric's was heartfelt and personal. He bravely asked me to post it on here for anyone to read.
This is it.


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Ch. 1 Me, Myself and I by Cedric Murray


Alex Day Saturday, 18 February 2012
Oh my god.... I am crying! As usual beautifully written... so simple, but honestly one of the most heartfelt things that I've EVER READ! This is going into my favourites (and there is only one other things in there, so this is pretty big!). You are an AMAZING person, you are an inspiration to me! I love you! Never stop being the talented and incredible person that you are!

Cedric Murray Friday, 30 September 2011
Aw, guys.
Thank yous :')
637974 Tuesday, 9 August 2011
Ho-ly shit. Um. Wow. IímÖnot really sure what to say.
That was reallyÖdistressing. Okay, thatís not the right word.
IÖfound the whole thing saddening, and Iím kinda in shock over the fact that all of that happened to ONE person.
I guess this made me realise how lucky I really am.
Iím glad you have Oliver and Lacey with ya (:
Iím not really good at sensitive topics, soÖI should probably stop typing.
Öwe heart you, Cedric :)

Iím sorry my comment wasnít long and emotional like all the other ones :(
Dreamheart Tuesday, 9 August 2011
...Wow. This was It was amazing. Seriously, this is one of the most emotional, greatest things I ever read. I was crying at the beginning, then I started smiling when I got to the part about Oliver and Lacey.
I feel soo bad for you Cedric. You've been through so much crap. No matter what anyone tells you or what you think, you didn't deserve any of it and are an amazing person. I don't even know you (and I kind of wish I did) and I practically love you. If anyone ever does anything to you again, call me and I will come to England and kill them. Okay, I probably won't, but if you ever need anything from a girl in America that you don't know, you can just like message me on here or something because I will help you. *hugs* :D
NashedPotatoes. Monday, 8 August 2011
Oh. My. God. That was so amazing. You're a really great writer Cedric. Really, I mean it. That was so good. You've got balls if you're putting that into an essay. I wrote an essay about a girl who's mother committed suicide and I got 'chastised' (yelled at) for writing about 'mature topics' But keep writing, and I hope your life's ok a better track now. Also, stick to your friends, always. [:

PS. Just wanted to say my Grandparents grew up near Manchester. [:

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