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In the quiet moment of any given day, more than one man has looked back through not-so-misty memories with thankfulness... or unfulfilled longing. The seed for both rememberings is singular ~ a mentor. For the one, a man (father, uncle, grandfather, or just an uncommonly grand 'common' man) who didn't just leave steps, but shared the Path, and made a difference. For the other, the desperate hunger for the same.

For young Travis, sitting on the fence between 18... and forever, a cold Ozark mountain morning brought him to that place called "Home", and to one of the great treasures known to our kind ~ the genuine, steady, honest friendship of a good man. And it all begins at The DOORWAY Buck.

CM Sackett


List of chapters

Ch. 1 At The DOORWAY...
Ch. 3 An Old Man's Company...
Ch. 4 Courage... On Ice
Ch. 5 A Measure Of Manhood...
Ch. 6 From Lost Lodge To Learning Things...
Ch. 7 In The Presence Of Monarchs...
Ch. 8 An Unexpected OFFER...
Ch. 9 Too Old To Handle It...


Sirk Leigh Thursday, 25 April 2013
Great dialogue.

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