Life in New Zealand
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Extract from Chapter 7. Owning a Car.
Buy a car when itís 5 years old. That way itís relatively cheap and hasnít yet gone round the clock (that the registration papers admit). Letís say itís the year 1983. Go for the bright red Toyota Corolla, 1977 model. It only had one previous owner. Bright red is a good colour for several reasons: 1) Other cars can spot you a mile off thus reducing the likelihood of you hitting them; 2) Any rust that develops blends in nicely with the overall colour; 3) It's a good colour to keep clean.
Make sure you keep the car as close to its original condition as possible. Without sacrificing family time, clean the outside panelling at least every 9th Saturday and the inside every 23rd Saturday. If anyone comments on it in the meantime, say you are conserving water and energy...


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Ch. 1 The Bookshelf Kitset
Ch. 3 Duck Shooting
Ch. 5 The Flight
Ch. 7 Owning a Car


Avalon Maya. Tuesday, 2 February 2010
Oh that made me laugh,,, a totally New Zealand thing to do though,,, Going back and forth from the Garage and the Hardware Store (Bunnings or Mitre 10 Mega??) for spare parts. I love it, Especially the "Well done, Murray" part,,, so Kiwi!!! Love it!!!
P.S. I am a New Zealander myself, so I love to read our work,,, it is so cool!!! =]
paul schoaff Monday, 6 July 2009
You are a very good writer, indeed. I don't understand, at all, the lack of attention to your material. Guess you just have to go begging, just like me.

Cinnamon the Pirate

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