The Secrets He Kept
GenreAdult / Fiction
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 13 July 2011
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When Sebrina begins an affair with a married man, she knows its wrong but he claims that he was unhappy and wanted to leave his wife. But when she notices some strange actions, she starts to investigate, never knowing that the secrets she would uncover about her love would be so chilling - and that he would do anything to keep them safe; even murder.

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List of chapters

Ch. 1 Chapter 1
Ch. 2 Chapter 2
Ch. 3 Chapter 3
Ch. 4 Chapter 4
Ch. 5 Chapter 5
Ch. 6 Chapter 6
Ch. 7 Chapter 7
Ch. 8 Chapter 8


Jordana M. Russell Tuesday, 19 July 2011
More coming soon so stay tuned! :)
Jasmin Thien Monday, 18 July 2011
Yes, I do like it. Your style is great - I managed to drink in all 8 chapters within three quarters of an hour.

I also like the plot - your summary is intriguing and easily catches a reader's attention.

I already am fond of Mark. Don't make him a murderer!

I'll be watching out for more, so please keep on writing.

Also, keep commenting on Love is Never Wrong for me. Sharing is caring!
XxVenomxX Monday, 18 July 2011
Oooh mysterious!
-Sean x
XxVenomxX Monday, 18 July 2011
I honestly imagine I am right beside her, your descriptions are so good :)
-Sean x
XxVenomxX Monday, 18 July 2011
Hehe ;)
-sean x

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