I. Am. Alive.
GenreSci-Fi / Fantasy
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 6 July 2011
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Chloe Ryan was reader and spent her time day-dreaming of the day she would get the chance to prove herself in an apocalyptic world.

But when she was faced with a zombie apocalypse, her world was turned around. It was not what she had expected.

Her paranoia, passions and interesting look at life helped her in the struggle to survive. New friends and enemies on every corner - who can she trust?

And of course, zombies. Millions of them.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Peace & Quiet
Ch. 2 Taking Control
Ch. 3 First Encounter
Ch. 4 Once Alone, Always Alone
Ch. 5 Start Afresh
Ch. 6 Chloe Who?
Ch. 7 Leaving The Nest
Ch. 8 Nathan
Ch. 9 The Night of Visitors
Ch. 10 Slave Orphans!
Ch. 11 Day To Day
Ch. 12 The Girl From Nowhere
Ch. 13 Restless Cruelty
Ch. 14 Costly Freedom


Tuesday Wednesday, 15 August 2012
Great chapter! :D

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