What Dwells In the Shadows
GenreSci-Fi / War
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Tuesday, 28 June 2011
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(4 ratings)
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As the Earth is running short on farmland and inhabitable areas, humans panic. The US government sent a team of humans, the best of the best, to investigate a planet that can hold the key to human survival.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 A Notice For Future Readers
Ch. 1 Dead Rising
Ch. 2 Emergence
Ch. 3 People
Ch. 4 First Glimpse Of Raven
Ch. 5 A Different Viewpoint
Ch. 6 New Friends


Josaa Sunday, 25 September 2011
Hey all I just want to thank you for all the feedback. And I apologize, this is typed all off of an iPod, so there is like no paragraphing or formatting.
Rocky Rhodes Thursday, 30 June 2011
Mags Cameron Thursday, 30 June 2011
This is really good...I don't know why you don't have five stars. Not my style, but great!
NightlyCreature Thursday, 30 June 2011
Heh, I like where you're going here. I just started watching this show called Falling Skies and since it seems your book is about, hmm maybe aliens?that show comes to mind. And also, the people are divided into groups (but not held in capsules for a while)... Keep writing! /suspense
Arya Wednesday, 29 June 2011
Good description of the characters. I like that you used different languages here too. And im hoping u didn't use Spanish just because ur in Spanish class

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