Lunar Darkness
GenreYoung Adult / Drama
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Tuesday, 31 May 2011
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Previously in The Darkness Twins:
The twins had gotten turned into vampires by their so-called "father", but now all hell is breaking loose on them. Lily is fighting Toby to get her freedom, since Mr. Dusk had attacked her and is making her fight or she dies. Danni walks in just as she was going to so-call "kill him". Will Danni save Toby in time or will she be too late? Will the witches defeat Shadow and get him back to his old self or will one of them die trying? And will Dan be able to kill the man who did all this to them? Find out the answers to these and many more in this heart wrenching sequel, Lunar Darkness.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Danni's POV: Toby....
Ch. 2 Dan's POV: Lily....
Ch. 3 Danni's POV: New Eyes
Ch. 4 Toby's POV: Helping Lily...Getting my WINGS!?!?!
Ch. 5 Lily's POV
Ch. 6 Author's POV: Hell's Noise
Ch. 7 Mr. Dusk's POV: Foul Beasts
Ch. 8 Lucia's POV: Fighting Shadow
Ch. 9 wendy's POV: Threats
Ch. 10 Dan's POV: Hell's Noise
Ch. 11 Mr. Dusk's POV
Ch. 12 Author's POV
Ch. 13 Dan's POV: Hell yeah!
Ch. 14 Author's POV: Powers
Ch. 15 Danni's POV: Peacefulness
Ch. 16 Author's POV: Freedom
Ch. 17 Dan's POV: The Death of Mr. Dusk
Ch. 18 Wendys POV: Guardian Merina...Oh Lucia.....
Ch. 19 Lily's POV: Strange Light
Ch. 20 Author's POV: Moving On...Guiding
Ch. 21 Danni's POV: Close Call #1
Ch. 22 Toby's POV: Chasing Girls
Ch. 23 Author's POV: Fun
Ch. 24 Dan's POV: Witchy Smell
Ch. 25 Danni's POV: Scent and fall
Ch. 26 Dan's POV: Why's my Friend Frozen?!?!?
Ch. 27 Marisa's POV: Explaining
Ch. 28 Danni's POV: Close Call #2
Ch. 29 Toby's POV: Trouble is Brewing Up
Ch. 30 Wendy's POV
Ch. 31 Author's POV: Danni's 3rd Fall
Ch. 32 Toby's PV: Danni's 3rd Fall
Ch. 33 Author's POV: Jealous Lily....Fallen Dan
Ch. 34 Lily's POV: Dazed Dan
Ch. 35 Author's POV: It's good to see you again...
Ch. 36 Wendy's POV: Help Her Toby
Ch. 37 Toby's POV: Power of the Wings
Ch. 38 Author's POV: Saving Lucia
Ch. 39 Lily's POV: Lily's First Kiss....Hugs
Ch. 40 Toby's POV: Holy Shit!
Ch. 41 Danni's POV: Pleading
Ch. 42 Author's POV: Toby thinks of the girls
Ch. 43 Toby's POV: Saving Shadow.....I Love You Danni
Ch. 44 Danni's POV: Kissing Shadow
Ch. 45 Shadow's POV: Kissing Danni....Thank You
Ch. 46 Author's POV: Normal again? Maybe...
Ch. 47 Danni's POV: My Choice
Ch. 48 Lily's POV: I Love You Toby


Jace Parker 2 Tuesday, 31 January 2017
kallen Fingars Wednesday, 6 March 2013
a very beautifull story !
Blackfangwolf Thursday, 5 January 2012
A great ending too a great story
Caroline Witherbell Thursday, 20 October 2011
love it

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