Written Passion
by Ella
GenreFiction / Children
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Saturday, 9 May 2009
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(4 ratings)
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Short stories of sudden inspiration. just somewhere to pen them down and share them with the world...


List of chapters

Ch. 1 giving up the art
Ch. 2 sanctuary
Ch. 4 the big blue building
Ch. 5 giving up the art 2
Ch. 6 Risoluto
Ch. 7 change
Ch. 8 Diminuendo
Ch. 9 Silence


Forever Incomplete Monday, 13 August 2018
Garbage. Doesn't even deserve a single star.
Take My Dreams Saturday, 30 October 2010
I stopped reading this at the 1st line. It did not grab in the reader. Whether it has automatic capitalization or not, all writers should know how to make it a captial letter, that shouldn't be an excuse. But don't let me stand in your way, different people like different stories after all.
εxpırεd Monday, 15 February 2010
I second Heather...
Heather M. Friday, 15 January 2010
Ella Monday, 11 May 2009
about the capitalization, its not meant to be not capitalized but because it doesn't have automatic capitalisation, that's why. and i will try and make the paragraphs more defined. sorry about that.

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