Sliver and Gold
GenreFantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 23 May 2011
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Rather rich or poor, peasant or royalty, there was something each person shared on the planet in which the kingdom of Kambria stood proudly; their golden eyes. So when a blue eyed stranger pays a visit, its not surprising eyebrows are raised, but nobody was expecting him to surface secrets about Kambria's thrown, and even about the creation of their planet.

Kara, a princess locked in the walls of Kambria's palace, has been longing for freedom. So when she hears that the queen has allowed the stranger an exedition alongside her soldiers, Kara jumps on the chance of joining them...or at least sneaking into their party.

Although things seem to be getting as abnormal as ever, night is falling, a force Kambria and its inhabitants haven't experienced in over 600 years. A once unknown evil is surfaced, and chaos is unleashed beneath its shadows.

Its now up to Kara and the blue eyed stranger to stop this malice, and bring light in the foreboding darkness...


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Ch. 1 chapter 1
Ch. 2 chapter 2


Julia Hecate Thursday, 2 June 2011
I love it!
This story takes the whole fantasy genre more exciting. Keep writing.

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