That's The Way I've Always Heard it Should Be
GenreFiction / Spiritual
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Submitted:Saturday, 9 May 2009
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Sara is a young Catholic woman. Her family rejected her early in her life and she found a father figure in her priest. He taught her to find light in every situation, and helped her through chronic illness. Above all, he accepted her as his own daughter.

Arthur is a young Catholic priest from Poland, when he comes to the US and is assigned his first job as a parochial vicar, love is the last thing he ever expected to find.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Love that's here to stay
Ch. 2 The Fear you might fall
Ch. 3 Thick & Thin
Ch. 4 Faith meets illness
Ch. 5 One Lucky Lady
Ch. 6 Goodnight Sweetheart
Ch. 7 Mother
Ch. 8 Heart of the Matter
Ch. 9 Keep Holding On


Tyson Peterson Saturday, 4 May 2013
Great first chapter, the dialogue really helps me to understand your characters. The only thing I could say is that it could use some back story first, the way it is written could be more for like a movie. When we're reading we don't typically want to go back and forth to figure things out.
A.J.Y Monday, 3 August 2009
A very good continuance, I say.
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to continue reading your work, it's just that recently I've edited a very difficult part in my work that I haven't had much time; but now I'm done so here I am again.
As I said, it is a really good continuance but I recommnd you to add much more thoughts and feelings of the characters. You use adjectives and what the characters say helps very much for the book's atmosphere; but in my opinion describing the thoughts and feeling do not say is much stronger.
For example, you can add here and there some of the worried thoughts that Arthur may thought because of Sara's surgery or the joyfulness he sees in Sandra;s face because of the wedding and his reaction to that.
One of the most sugnificant issues of the plot is the fact Arthur is a catholic priest and intends to marry a woman. You have been making it passing too easily and even if John it's agreeable to John and the disagreements will come later, you should not let it pass too easily. In my opinion, it may add to the plot a little magic and will certainly upgrade it.
Another thing is that in the entire part of the preparations for the wedding, I've felt there is a lack i the plot's effect. Especially there, if you dd some of the thought Arthur does not express, it'll certainly solve it.
I hope my advices to you are not annoying, I'm prettytrying to help, but if it's annoying I'll attempt much less.
I hope you are having a nice summer, keep writing!
Mary-Annalee DiGiovanni Wednesday, 29 July 2009
i'll read this chapter as soon as i can! (mom just asked me to come help her make some apricot jam before the apricots go bad)

Be back soon!
paul schoaff Sunday, 19 July 2009
Certainly, the bones of the story are strong (so far, I suppose should be said).

I know you have improved this story by a whole bunch.

My impression is that if someone were to try to turn this into a movie or play, they would eliminate some of the dialog and some of the scenes. The detail almost seems like a minute by minute journal, at times.

I cannot say that you are writing this 'all wrong', because I am not a qualified person to judge that. There is just so much density to the action, with every twitch explained and analyzed....

Just for fun, and not for publication, why don't you write a chapter where Sara summarizes everything that has happened so far. Does she feel compelled to explain everyone else's reasoning and emotions? Arthur? It occurs to me that of what I have read, they each seem to examine the thoughts of everyone around them except for each other. Am I misremembering?

Quite a coherent body of work, though. It is a bit 'matter of fact'. Keep up the writing.
Mary-Annalee DiGiovanni Sunday, 21 June 2009
thank you for your sweet comment on my poetry and your over-generous rating!

i'm loving your new chapter as well. the phrase "army of pills" was perfect and shows your literary skill. i love your description as well. though Mr. Schoaff, AJY and i have the opinion about the chapters belongling in the middle of a story, we still cant deny that they are very well written and that you have talent :)

i hope to see more of your work soon!

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