The Darkness Twins
GenreYoung Adult / Romance
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 16 May 2011
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Dan's POV


I hear someone calling me, and it sounds like my sister. She sounds frantic....why?

"Brother"-cough cough-"brother where are you? Please brother?" She cries out again and coughs a horrible cough.

I run from the library to where I hear her coughing. I keep calling out her name to find her,"Danni! Danni, do you hear me?"

"Brother! Dan, DAN! Brother I'm in here."



List of chapters

Ch. 1 Danni's POV: 10 yrs earlier
Ch. 2 Dan's POV: 10 yrs later
Ch. 3 Danni's POV
Ch. 4 Mr. Dusk's POV: planning
Ch. 5 Dan's POV: Presents for sister
Ch. 6 Danni's POV: Shopping Time
Ch. 7 Toby's POV: Danni's Perfect Dress
Ch. 8 Danni's POV: Dressing Room
Ch. 9 Toby's POV: Danni's Presents
Ch. 10 Dan's POV: Home...and friend's crushin' on who!?!?!
Ch. 11 Danni's POV: Time to head home and...Surprise!
Ch. 12 Toby's POV: Surprise
Ch. 13 Danni's POV: Fight, Fight! Uh oh....
Ch. 14 Toby's POV
Ch. 15 Danni's POV: Dress Time
Ch. 16 Lily's POV: Hide, Seek and Listen in
Ch. 17 Danni's POV: Presents Time
Ch. 18 Lily's POV: Threats
Ch. 19 Shadow's POV: Jealousy
Ch. 20 Danni's POV: Party Time and Jesse McCartney!!!!
Ch. 21 Shadow's POV: Time to Kiss Her
Ch. 22 Toby's POV: Pissed Off
Ch. 23 Danni's POV: Oh God...
Ch. 24 Shadow's POV
Ch. 25 Lucia's POV: Shadow's Hurt Emotionally
Ch. 26 Lily's POV: Time to get to know Toby
Ch. 27 Wendy's POV: I Find Her
Ch. 28 Danni's POV: Love and Tears
Ch. 29 Shadow's POV
Ch. 30 Danni's POV: Happiness
Ch. 31 Shadow's POV: Stupid Love Letter and Airplanes
Ch. 32 Danni's POV: Paramore and the Performance
Ch. 33 Shadow's POV: Her guitar
Ch. 34 Dan's POV: Sister's Ripped Dress!?!?!
Ch. 35 Lucia's POV: Danni's Ripped Dress
Ch. 36 Toby's POV: Atittude Problem
Ch. 37 Danni's POV: Confusion and Toby's Truth
Ch. 38 Shadow's POV: Finding Her...Again
Ch. 39 Danni's POV: Crazy Thoughts
Ch. 40 Shadow's POV
Ch. 41 Toby's POV
Ch. 42 Dan's POV
Ch. 43 Danni's POV: Shadow's Wake Up Call
Ch. 44 Shadow's POV
Ch. 45 Dan' POV: Time to Open Up Presents!!!
Ch. 46 Shadow's POV: Shadow and Dan "talk"
Ch. 47 Dan's POV: Mystery
Ch. 48 Mr. Dusk's POV
Ch. 49 Danni's POV: Uh oh....
Ch. 50 Shadow's POV: What's Wrong with Dan?
Ch. 51 Dan's POV: Fight with self
Ch. 52 Author's POV: Shower and Cool Down for Dan
Ch. 53 Dan's POV: The Library
Ch. 54 Danni's POV: Papa's Present
Ch. 55 Mr. Dusk's POV: Danni's Present
Ch. 56 Danni's POV: Transformation
Ch. 57 Dan's POV: Sister Calls....Toby arrives???
Ch. 58 Mr. Dusk's POV: Dan's Transformation
Ch. 59 Dan's POV: Pain
Ch. 60 Toby's POV: A Call for Help....Danni Awakes
Ch. 61 Danni's POV
Ch. 62 Dan's POV: Wake Up
Ch. 63 Mr. Dusk's POV: Home....betrayed by daughter
Ch. 64 Author's POV: Arena
Ch. 65 Toby's POV: Danni Fights
Ch. 66 Danni's POV: Time to Fight
Ch. 67 Author's POV
Ch. 68 Danni's POV
Ch. 69 Dan's POV
Ch. 70 Lily's POV: Caged
Ch. 71 Toby's POV: LILY!?!?!
Ch. 72 Dan's POV: Lily?
Ch. 73 Author's POV: Lily vs. the boys?
Ch. 74 Lily's POV: Lily vs. Toby
Ch. 75 Danni's POV: Surprise


Jace Parker 2 Tuesday, 31 January 2017
IBMchicago Thursday, 19 March 2015
I've just read the first couple of chapters. Nice premise! I would think that there would be more show of panic/confusion since the twins have suffered a very recent tragedy that has left them orphaned and homeless. Also, since the title of the Chapter shows a POV in the past (10 yrs earlier), wondering whether the present tense narrative works. Perhaps it does. I'll keep reading - nice work!
Shadow018 Thursday, 22 May 2014
wow! Amazing writting skills
Lily Griffin Monday, 20 January 2014
Interesting to read!
Oliver Petron Friday, 9 August 2013
Very nice, well written. I liked it. I only read the first few chapters, but it was really good from what I did read. Mind reading one of mine? Like Daemon Poison?

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