GCSE Philosophy Revision Guide
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Submitted:Saturday, 14 May 2011
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Every detail a student will need to know to pass a 2011 OCR GCSE exam on Philosophy. Unofficial


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Note from Eliza Meryl Buchanan
Ch. 1 Beliefs about God
Ch. 2 Reasons given in support of Belief
Ch. 3 Other beliefs
Ch. 4 Concept of miracles
Ch. 5 Worship
Ch. 6 Prayer and Meditation
Ch. 7 Art and Music in worship
Ch. 8 Christian Symbols
Ch. 9 Food and fasting
Ch. 10 Body and Soul
Ch. 11 Life after death
Ch. 12 Beliefs about Heaven, Hell and Purgatory
Ch. 13 Salvation, redemption and the suffering of Christ, and judgement
Ch. 14 Funeral Rites
Ch. 15 Concepts of good and evil
Ch. 16 The fall, original sin and redemption
Ch. 17 Evil
Ch. 18 Copying with suffering
Ch. 19 Reasons for moral behaviour
Ch. 20 Revelation
Ch. 21 Authority and importance of the Bible
Ch. 22 Scientific theories about the origins of the world and humanity.
Ch. 23 Christian teachings about the origins of the world and humanity
Ch. 24 The relationship between scientific and religious understandings of the origins
Ch. 25 The place of humanity in relation to animals
Ch. 26 Concept of stewardship and religious teachings relating to environmental issues.
Ch. 27 Christian responses to environmental issues


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Capitalletters Saturday, 14 May 2011
great will read!!

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