Just another Love story
GenreYoung Adult / Romance
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Wednesday, 6 May 2009
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Anirudh already had a hard time making Anu realise her love for him. They do express their love to each other and just when they think that all was well, Anita comes back into their lives.
She was the last person whom Anirudh and Anu wanted to see. Both of them had different reasons for that. But now, she was forgiven for what she had done.
What would happen if Anu found out about Anirudh's past?
How will she react to it?
She always wants to make his life better and gives him the best of what ever he wishes for. But now, she doubts if she herself is best for him or not. She did not know that she complimented his life.
But now, she wants to sacrifice her feelings so that he gets THE BEST partner in his life...
What makes her think like that?
Things get way too much complimented after anita comes into their lives again....
A little romance, friendship, betrayal, true love, affection to be seen in this...

Sorry I had to delete the book i had posted before. There was a technical problem and i was not able to post any chapter with more than 5 lines in it. So now, this is the same story with a little changes in it. Enjoy reading and do give comments. Only then I can improve myself and can give you all a good book.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 That look in her eyes
Ch. 2 What is with this guy?
Ch. 3 Changes going on
Ch. 4 Psychology class
Ch. 5 Similar interests
Ch. 6 New relationship started
Ch. 7 He had already fallen for her
Ch. 8 A new brother
Ch. 9 Her father
Ch. 10 A surprise
Ch. 11 A nice time
Ch. 12 His gift....
Ch. 13 New addition
Ch. 14 Nice friend
Ch. 15 Something more than that..
Ch. 16 Tears and smiles....
Ch. 17 Happy place she lived in
Ch. 18 Care taker???
Ch. 19 Who is it??
Ch. 20 Another letter..
Ch. 21 Reason behind her loneliness
Ch. 22 New young lady....
Ch. 23 He was like that????
Ch. 24 She confessed at last
Ch. 25 Two girls in his life
Ch. 26 New way to communicate
Ch. 27 Enchanting blue eyes
Ch. 28 Beautiful surprise in the parcel
Ch. 29 School function
Ch. 30 Dance under the moonlight
Ch. 31 A way to say thanks
Ch. 32 Missed a big oppurtunity
Ch. 33 Some kind of plan
Ch. 34 Busted!!!!!
Ch. 35 At last he confessed....
Ch. 36 First kiss with the right girl
Ch. 37 An angel from the heaven.....
Ch. 38 Candle light dinner
Ch. 39 Unexpected meeting....
Ch. 40 The girl he dreaded to meet
Ch. 41 It was nothing but pain
Ch. 42 Apology accepted
Ch. 43 Same girl changing both their lives
Ch. 44 Tears of the cold hearted girl
Ch. 45 I am confused
Ch. 46 She is his girl friend
Ch. 47 Something is up....
Ch. 48 She is leaving???
Ch. 49 Thank God....
Ch. 50 Happily Ever After


Maanpreet Monday, 20 February 2012
Honey121 Thursday, 4 November 2010
That was nice!!! I liked the whole story! Soooo Indian!!! (Nothing bad just saying!)
Honey121 Monday, 1 November 2010
This is just like a Indian movie. You know when the guy loves the girl. When the girl doesn't but the girl's good friend likes him. I like it! Just add more details. So I could imagine it. That's the main thing.
Honey121 Sunday, 31 October 2010
I like how the story is going in so far the only thing is you should add a bit more details....
Otherwise I like it. It's the Indian style... :)
Kasdee Wednesday, 30 June 2010
First of all, ellipses (...) are only three dots. And you ahve way too manyof them.

I like the details, but the grammer and punctuation could use some work. But its nothing that a little editing wont fix.


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