Unchained peace
GenreSpiritual / Poetry
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Friday, 13 May 2011
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Whenever you feel like you're alone, you're really not. What may seem as lonliness is superficial only until you meet someone as lonely as you. This books shows you that if we had world peace problems such as that would be swept away with others related to this one. I show you how to be honest with yourself and why others try not to be. In the long run being truly honest helps you out. But there are conditions that must be carried out for this to work out in the way intended. All the riddles and mysteries are solved here and here's to hoping that this book will help you out in your life!


List of chapters

Ch. 1 End time
Ch. 2 Actor
Ch. 3 Tick tock
Ch. 4 Zig Zag
Ch. 5 Cost
Ch. 6 Break away
Ch. 7 Mouse Trap
Ch. 8 Seismic Toss
Ch. 9 Cape
Ch. 10 Criminal's plea
Ch. 11 Being a couple
Ch. 12 Apologies
Ch. 13 Kaiji inspired
Ch. 14 Money money money
Ch. 15 The holy books
Ch. 16 Granola
Ch. 17 Traffic lights
Ch. 18 Grudge
Ch. 19 Knowing yourself
Ch. 20 Love at first sight
Ch. 21 Lying
Ch. 22 Precious
Ch. 23 Destiny
Ch. 24 To be nice
Ch. 25 Depressed
Ch. 26 Innocent
Ch. 27 Not ok
Ch. 28 What goes around comes around
Ch. 29 A whole
Ch. 30 Perfection
Ch. 31 Face value
Ch. 32 Topsy turvy