Harbinger (formally Inescapable Collision)
GenreLiterary Fiction / Adventure
Age Rating:G
Submitted:Friday, 28 December 2007
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(11 ratings)
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The yearn for the knowledge of time travel has been foremost on man's mind for centuries - A series of earthquakes in July 2010 traps Austin Jones 400 metres underground. His search for an escape route leads him to a time portal in a chamber of a long forgotten civilisation, which takes him into the future. A future that's spinning out of control through Global Warming neglect. With the aid of future inhabitants Austin must return to 2010 in a bid to save the world from itself. Only he learns a alien force is watching his every move, what he doesn't know is if he fails they are ready to wipe us out, just as if we were a simple science experiment. Maybe we are.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 The Awakening
Ch. 2 Lost (New Chapter)
Ch. 3 Rainstorm in the gorge
Ch. 4 Recovery
Ch. 5 A New World
Ch. 6 Learning New Ways
Ch. 7 Operation Harbinger
Ch. 8 The Dawn of a New Era
Ch. 9 Going Back


Wall Hermitt Friday, 1 January 2016
Beginnings are crucial. Fascinating opening! Like gravity, it sucks us right into the interesting story.
Ginny Tuesday, 16 November 2010
Loved every bit of your imagination and writing skills.. well done.. thanks for the journey.
Michelle Reid Monday, 10 August 2009
I don't have time to read more now. But the scene is very well described. I can imagine it in my mind. A sign of great writing... Thank you for sharing.
Greg Davidson Saturday, 7 February 2009
Tense and action-filled. Great stuff!
Greg Davidson Saturday, 7 February 2009
Tense and action-filled. Great stuff!

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