Dark Rose
GenreThriller / Romance
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Sunday, 24 April 2011
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Rose Jackson is a queen. A princess in her school, getting everything she wants. As a typical seventeen-year-old, she thinks life is boring, and the world is snoring. However, when her mystical ex. comes to her school, her life flips upside down. And it's not a better world. It's a worse world where vampires, werewolves, witches, demigods, demons, the dead, wizards, and much worse walk the floors of her once peaceful home. And when her curse sets in, all she can do is hope to survive. Lucky for her, she has a hot, 100% kissable best friend as her Protector.

Please tell me if you see this book on any other websites other than worthyofpublishing or wattpad. Thank you so much! Oh yeah, and some people have been telling me I have a lot of mistakes, and that's because I don't do it on Microsoft first. Plus, I started this two years ago, when I was a lot younger, so the first ten....or more chapters might seem really kiddish or unrealistic. Just saying:)
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List of chapters

Ch. 0 Cast List
Ch. 0 Cast List(WRITTEN)
Ch. 1 Sucky Morning
Ch. 2 A Risky Situation
Ch. 3 Breezin Away
Ch. 4 Close Call
Ch. 5 A Discovery
Ch. 6 Sarah
Ch. 7 Unrecognizable
Ch. 8 Thirsty
Ch. 9 Hunting
Ch. 10 A change in the pattern
Ch. 11 William Callein
Ch. 12 Surprise, surprise
Ch. 13 You Again!
Ch. 14 Rescue Mission
Ch. 15 Friends???
Ch. 16 Requests.....
Ch. 17 One wolf, two wolf, three wolf, four.....
Ch. 18 Vampire Hater....or something
Ch. 19 Rage
Ch. 20 Broken
Ch. 21 Homeless and in danger. Great
Ch. 22 Ally and Jared
Ch. 23 Pretending
Ch. 24 A stroll, a walk, a threat
Ch. 25 PARTY!!!
Ch. 26 Spin the Bottle
Ch. 27 Heartbeat
Ch. 28 Walking Dead
Ch. 29 Full, White, Bloody Moon
Ch. 30 Wolf Headquarters
Ch. 31 I'm dead. Literally
Ch. 32 Halloween
Ch. 33 The Sacrifice
Ch. 34 Mystics
Ch. 35 Blending In
Ch. 36 Just a Dance
Ch. 37 Cornered
Ch. 38 Last Chance
Ch. 39 Burning in Hell
Ch. 40 Horror
Ch. 41 Lost
Ch. 42 SOOOOOOO LATE!!!!!!!
Ch. 43 Umm, is this normal?
Ch. 44 Intruder Alert!
Ch. 45 Changed Too Fast
Ch. 46 Never Eat Soggy Wheat
Ch. 47 Secret Crush
Ch. 48 Hollywoods' Golden Girl
Ch. 49 She Doesn't Know how to Paint her Nails
Ch. 50 The Celebratory Party. For Azalia Learning how to Paint her Nails.
Ch. 51 Miserable
Ch. 52 Oh Sheeba....
Ch. 53 It's inside of you
Ch. 54 A Thousand Years Ago
Ch. 55 A lunch for two. With annoying friends and daughters tagging along
Ch. 56 Screams


Phillip O'Sullivan Friday, 2 December 2016
Good use of italics- though in a passage perhaps over-long? Fairly ambitious and dedicated work. Well done.
LizDao Tuesday, 29 March 2016
Interesting intro
KidB Monday, 19 August 2013
I like Rose, so far. Sucky morning is right. :p
EmilyLiz Monday, 10 June 2013
I don't like it. When is the action going to start?
EmilyLiz Monday, 10 June 2013
To much he says, she says.

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