Clearly Complicated
GenreYoung Adult / Romance
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Monday, 18 April 2011
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Those Eyes…That's all she can remember, they're distinctive. But why is that the one thing she'll always remember from the moment they met? She doesn't know why but she knows she'll never forget.
Jasmine “Jazz” Everetts starts out highschool on that hot summer day. Everything that ever happened could be traced back to that one day. She met Blake and his friend Zach. Blake was that one boy she’s always admired. So when she intrigues Blake the adorable prep, their lives intertwine, and that includes all of their friends. Blake’s being an obnoxious, loud and annoying group of freshman basketball and football players. His bro Jason is well…Defiant, cocky and rude. Or at least that is the way it seemed. His other best friend Zach is friendly, funny but also mysterious. When you’re hiding something, its not the best thing for another girl to find out. And Blake himself is terribly complicated and stubborn. Personalitys clash and it results in one eventful year that Jazz Everetts would never begin to expect. Because no one minds their own business and no one believes in boundaries… at Mattson High.

…It'll have you thinking, who is the beautiful eyed boy that Jazz’s heart belongs to?

-Book One, Freshman Year.

(NOTE-Several POV's. The character's name at the top of each chapter is the one narrating.)


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Characters(:
Ch. 0 Update
Ch. 1 One Hot Day
Ch. 2 Determined and Desperate
Ch. 3 Broken
Ch. 4 Denying It
Ch. 5 If Looks Could Kill
Ch. 6 Restrictions
Ch. 7 Three Guys in a Video Game Store
Ch. 8 Girls Suck
Ch. 9 Protective
Ch. 10 Love Drunk
Ch. 11 Limits and Boundaries
Ch. 12 Consequences
Ch. 13 The Breakup Makeup
Ch. 14 I Don't Get It
Ch. 15 Lonely
Ch. 16 A Fair Warning
Ch. 17 Spare Me The Truth
Ch. 18 Same Difference
Ch. 19 Confusion
Ch. 20 It Takes One To Kiss One
Ch. 21 Everything's For a Reason
Ch. 22 Never Look Back
Ch. 23 It's Not Over...
Ch. 24 ...Till Someone Gets Hurt.
Ch. 25 Last Chances And Lies
Ch. 26 The School Play- Part One
Ch. 27 The School Play-Part Two
Ch. 28 The School Play-Part Three
Ch. 29 The School Play-Part Four
Ch. 30 The Event Of The Night
Ch. 31 Three's A Crowd
Ch. 32 Awkward City
Ch. 33 It's a Long Drive Home
Ch. 34 And So He Returns...
Ch. 35 Reality's A Bitch
Ch. 36 Cold As Ice
Ch. 37 Nothing To Prove
Ch. 38 For Me?
Ch. 39 One Moment, One Choice
Ch. 40 It's Only The Beginning
Ch. 41 Before It's Too Late
Ch. 42 Luck Goes Both Ways
Ch. 43 Crystal Clear
Ch. 44 For My Own Good
Ch. 45 Like A Brother
Ch. 46 Five Man Fist Fight/What Goes Around Comes Around
Ch. 47 My Tomorrow
Ch. 48 The End Of The Beginning
Ch. 49 The Beginning Of The End
Ch. 50 Author's Note
Ch. 51 The Sequal (Sneak Peek) ;D
Ch. 52 More Pictures For Characters!


Phillip O'Sullivan Friday, 2 December 2016
Nice snatches of speaking in this part.Maybe could do with further descriptions of actions and setting while talking?
_head_in_the_clouds_ Sunday, 28 December 2014
By the way, I wanted to let you know, the wrong rating was clicked. I meant to hit 4.5 stars.

_head_in_the_clouds_ Sunday, 28 December 2014
First off, I would like to say that I truly enjoyed this book. Your writing talents obviously developed and increased as you went along and experimented with different points of view and characters as well as scenes. I personally enjoyed reading the Jason chapters and ironically, found that he was more of a thought provoking boy in the story. However, I did think Jazz was more of a Mary-Sue character towards to beginning so I was pleased when you made her make some mistakes. I also very much enjoyed some of Zach's chapters. As great as a writer you are, I felt as though I was cheated when it came to the characters in the story. Not the lack of, but the fact you had so many. It was hard to keep them straight and you could've obviously developed each one a little more than you did (however you did a good job of the growth of Jason and Zach, as well as Blake). I very much appreciated the twists you kept coming which never failed to entertain me and keep my reading. I cannot wait to begin the sequel as well as look at your other works.

Keep writing!
warmsummers Thursday, 29 May 2014
It's quite good. One thing I would avoid doing which really annoys me is the name for whoever is narrating at the top of the chapter, like Jazz or Zach, whatever. You should make it clear in the chapter who the narrator is, so have them talking to someone else and then the 'someone else' calls the narrator by their name which tells the reader who he/she is. Or you could just take out the different narrators and have it just one character narrating.
Yuuki-ne Sunday, 2 March 2014
This is so great

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