Broken Rainbow
GenreDrama / Romance
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Friday, 1 April 2011
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Tommy has been with Viktor since they were fourteen.
Five years on, and they're living together. But Vik isn't the sweet, gentle boyfriend he used to be. He's changed into an alcoholic, abusive, drug-addict, who wastes most of the money he makes on gambling.
Tommy is almost too scared to leave the house without Viktor some days. He knows that even being remotely friendly towards another man it'll make Vik mad.
And then he meets Daniel. And everything changes.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 One
Ch. 2 Two
Ch. 3 Three
Ch. 4 Four
Ch. 5 Five
Ch. 6 Six
Ch. 7 Seven
Ch. 8 Eight
Ch. 9 Nine
Ch. 10 Ten
Ch. 11 Eleven
Ch. 12 Twelve
Ch. 13 Thirteen
Ch. 14 Fourteen
Ch. 15 Fifteen
Ch. 16 Sixteen
Ch. 17 Seventeen
Ch. 18 Eighteen
Ch. 19 Nineteen
Ch. 20 Twenty
Ch. 21 Twenty-One
Ch. 22 Twenty-Two


constellations Wednesday, 21 December 2011
You kept me SO HOOKED! Ahmagad. There were sooo many occasions were Tommy could have escaped..but he didn't...whhhhhyyyy! Omg. Viktor should just drink himself into a coma and die. I'm soo frickin angry D:<
Alex Day Tuesday, 6 December 2011
Argg! fucking Vik! hes a bit of twat isnt he? he gets his allens in twist over the shitest things! but apart from him i love this story! And i love Tommys dad! "ha told you so!" so adorable!
B.A. Watson Friday, 25 November 2011
Awesome story dude! I wanna read more from u! Hey, check out my first story called "Drama-Bound"! Let me know what you think!
Elena Hathaway Sunday, 13 November 2011
Oh my god, this makes no sense! I'm so confused! He DOES seem to be getting sweet. But I'm sorry, I'm still convinced he's an evil dipwad.
637974 Friday, 4 November 2011
Ooh, he's starting to seem real sweet. Mindfuckk.

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