The Hard Drive 2 - Revenge of an Old Soul
GenreMystery / Horror
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Wednesday, 23 March 2011
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Ken Smith has reached a strange island for the quest of his missing father . There he is bashed by mysterious people whose sartorial elegance is confined to long and dark clothes .

But not only this ,he was again dragged into the same world in which he went 7 years ago .But this time he has to struggle for stopping an eternal war of souls . He meets the creator and has to disclose the secrets of this world .

Will he be able to come out this time . And if he comes out will he be able to find his father and escape from this island inhabited by mysterious people . Will he be able to disclose their true secret . Destiny brings the toughest challenge for Ken Smith .


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Birth of a Dark Soul
Ch. 2 A Usual Question with an Unusual Answer
Ch. 3 A Place Cursed by the Painful Past
Ch. 4 My 1st Morning at a Dark Place
Ch. 5 A Past - Proposition of Anxiety
Ch. 6 The Page of Prophecy
Ch. 7 A Letter from Edward Smith
Ch. 8 The Mystic Path
Ch. 9 The Diary of an Old Soul
Ch. 10 History is Repeating
Ch. 11 Return of an Old Friend
Ch. 12 Rise of the Old Soul - The Immortal Power
Ch. 13 The Closed Book to Unfold
Ch. 14 The Disclosure of Old Truths and Secrets
Ch. 15 The Real Occurrence-12th March ,1990
Ch. 16 The Creator of a New World
Ch. 17 Enemy of the God
Ch. 18 The Attack on Peace
Ch. 19 The Eternal War of Two Worlds
Ch. 20 The Death Hole - The True Power of Vengeance
Ch. 21 The Second Heaven
Ch. 22 The God of Second Heaven
Ch. 23 The Resurgent
Ch. 24 The Ultimate Test Begins
Ch. 25 Evelyn
Ch. 26 Second Page of Prophecy
Ch. 27 Origins of the Draconic Serial Killer
Ch. 28 The Dark Ruler of Veinstone
Ch. 29 The Struggle
Ch. 30 Warriors of God
Ch. 31 Movement towards a New Life ( The End )


Roy Dreyer Monday, 31 March 2014
Like the pictures....Excellent
Alex B-L Tuesday, 23 July 2013
Really compelling and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Are you going to make a Hard Drive 3?
Brenda Crites Monday, 26 September 2011
A few grammatical errors that I can note. Otherwise, Very good! :)

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