GenreDrama / Romance
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Wednesday, 23 March 2011
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When nineteen year old RiAnn Ridnour met thee Alex Lake, only the hottest actor on the big screen, something is sure to happen. With his mind set on RiAnn, Alex leads the vocalist to the lights of the stage, where she was meant to be. With the helping support of Alex Lake and her bestfriend Byrdy she can go far.

As tradgey strikes, friends go away, and RiAnn's world get's smaller, can RiAnn keep a promise? Is stardom really worth it anyway? Join RiAnn, Byrdy and Alex in Fame.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Introduction
Ch. 2 Love
Ch. 3 Light
Ch. 4 Dark
Ch. 5 Seeking Solac
Ch. 6 Break Away
Ch. 7 Heaven
Ch. 8 Innocence
Ch. 9 Drive
Ch. 10 Breathe Again