I n s e c u re
GenreYoung Adult / Self-help
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Submitted:Sunday, 27 February 2011
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Carmen escaped the suffocating prison of her private school and started a new life at a large highschool. Knowing no one she is scared to death of being rejected again. Carmen feels weighed down by the emotional baggage she brought from her past. Is her reputation gone for good? Can Carmen finally be the person she really wants to be and build a new future? Or will she be like a construction worker building a house without the right tools?

~ Based on my Diary ☮ ♥ ~

Sorry for grammar and typos ill fix it soon!


List of chapters

Ch. 1 September: First Day of Highschool
Ch. 2 September: No Friends
Ch. 3 September: Downhill
Ch. 4 September: Hot Mess
Ch. 5 September: Too Much Drama
Ch. 6 September: Fightclub