The Ugly Princess
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Submitted:Friday, 18 February 2011
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I wrote this story when I was 9 years old and had forgotten about it. At 15 years of age I found it one day when I was cleaning my room. I read it and cried as it had really touched my heart.

The theme of the story is self-love, and the shocking part was that at 9 years when I wrote it, I did not know what self-love felt like; I did not know what self-love was.

I had been abused, rejected, criticized, judged. The worst part was that I took it all to heart.

At 9 years of age I managed to write a story I did not even understand.

I remember how one day the words to my story flooded my thoughts. I ran to get paper and wrote it down. I did not understand the meaning of what I had written. If only I had realized that I had written a story about self-discovery and loving oneself, a fairy tale that applied to real life. If only I had applied the lessons in the story to my own life.


All is well, because today I understand.
I understand that in life you design yourself, you create your destiny.
I understand that the things and the people around you donít define who you are.
I understand that you are much more dynamic that your friends, your family, your wealth, your reputation.
I understand that you have full control over your feelings, your actions, and your fateÖ and only you can take responsibility for it.
I understand that you make the choice between success and failure, between hard work and laziness, between understanding and hate, between happiness and self-pity.
I understand that happiness is better than self-pity.
I understand that happiness and success are a choice that you make when you truly believe that you deserve it.
I understand that the people who are great are the ones that show others that they too can be great.
I understand that the most important relationship you have, is the one with yourself.


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Penguin_Luver Saturday, 29 September 2012
16aerosmith13 Sunday, 27 February 2011
Oh, my, goodness! This makes me want to cry! You are a wonderful writer, and I hope you will be published! (I'm the person who read you stuff on YA btw)
GoldLipstick Sunday, 27 February 2011
RATE it! :)
Roonil Wazlib Wednesday, 23 February 2011
what a wonderful story. And all the more impressive when I learnt it was written by a 9 year old. The stuff I wrote when I was little was rubbish! :p
ShaqD Saturday, 19 February 2011
awww. This is such a sweet story. I really loved it.

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