Giyera, Dawn of Conflict
GenreSci-Fi / War
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Saturday, 12 February 2011
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In the year 2012 an incredible new discovery is made in Antarctica. After a probe finally reached the Vostok lake (an unfreeze lake buried deep under the Antarctic ice), it extracted a sample of a strange symbiotic microscopic life form composed by a virus and a bacteria. The scientists studding it expected that this discovery would change humanity forever and it did, but not in the way they expected. This new creature interacted with every single organism in the planet, killing more than eight billion people in the process, mutating almost all life on the surface of the planet and destroying most civilization as we know it.

More than five hundred years have passed and a new world has been established, one not so different to ours but very different at the same time. Is in here where two events lead by a hungry power nation and a Colombian conglomerate threatens to change the world again by two events that may seem isolated from each other, but are in fact linked by a man and a dream of utopian ideas and bitter revenge.

Now a group of survivors of the invasion to the Philippines and a research team gathered to obtain new samples of the symbiotic creature from Vostok lake must fight to stay alive and uncover a secret behind their fortunes and misfortunes, a secret that is bigger than anything they could have ever imagined.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Prologue: The forgotten times
Ch. 1 Memories and Ideals
Ch. 2 Bones of an old past.


Fotohunter Sunday, 13 February 2011
Thanks for the comment.XD

Well, it seems I still need to check a lot more spelling mistakes. Since English is not my mother tongue I still make many common mistakes.

With your complains, I am glad you pointed them. First, I used the virus/bacteria thing because using the concept this way it can adapt easily to anything is thrown at it so it cone become aggressive an unstoppable.

For the end of the world thing, I used 2012 for a special reason. There is no real end of the world prediction for 2012. All the calendars that set that like Mayan set it as a time of change here an era ends an other begins. If you look closer you will see that 2012 is a trigger year but not the one that causes more deaths.

Thanks again for your commentXD
A Dynamic Elk Sunday, 13 February 2011
OK I don't want to rate it yet as I think it will be much better after some things are fixed.

First off people speaking should really have speech marks.

I noticed some spelling mistakes. studding instead of studying for example.

Also a couple of things that aren't strictly mistakes but annoyed me.

Viruses can actually infect bacteria. I think I might of just gone with one or the other.

Having everyone die in 2012 annoys me. The Aztec's know about as much about predicting the future as they do piloting a fighter jet, and it's just overdone.

I will reread and rate after some editing so I can give you a better rating :).

Would you mind reading/rating mine?

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