Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
GenreRomance / Adult
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Wednesday, 9 February 2011
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The moment the two of them realize that the love they have for each other isn't just because they're siblings, reality has also started to build a wall that would keep them from being the lovers that they always dreamed of...

But of course, you could always sneak out without your parents knowing. Right?

But the real question is: How long could they keep up with this set-up?

Will the two Graymark siblings end up together?

Or will they turn their backs on their promises, creating a gap that would surely force them to go on separate ways?


List of chapters

Ch. 0 A/N *
Ch. 1 Lazy Brat
Ch. 2 There's this guy...
Ch. 3 Ten minutes before 10:00PM.
Ch. 4 Goodnight.
Ch. 5 And you are dressed up why?
Ch. 6 E-mergency!
Ch. 7 Then... What are we?
Ch. 8 I won't tell mom and dad.
Ch. 9 You're the one who wanted it off.
Ch. 10 Why did you kiss me?
Ch. 11 Sounds good to me.
Ch. 11 [ IMAGE ] Just something between the pages...
Ch. 12 [ IMAGE ] Fake Zeus domination
Ch. 12 The one with the lightning bolt!
Ch. 13 Fake blue eyes.
Ch. 14 [ IMAGE ] For how long?
Ch. 14 Something that Irvine really deserves.
Ch. 15 I've always liked you.
Ch. 16 Ethan left me to starve.
Ch. 17 My life is fun.
Ch. 17 [ IMAGE ] Love, friendship, betrayal, and lust.
Ch. 18 Boys will be boys.
Ch. 19 He's... Cute.
Ch. 20 Get your damn ass home!
Ch. 21 It's going to be me.
Ch. 22 [ IMAGE ] ♥ ♥ ♥
Ch. 22 Start talking.
Ch. 23 Shh, we'll get to that.
Ch. 24 Will you go out with me?
Ch. 25 Where are you?
Ch. 26 [ IMAGE ] Our first.
Ch. 26 I promise...
Ch. 27 Everything you want.
Ch. 28 Sweetheart my ass.
Ch. 29 Spot his minions!
Ch. 30 End it, be with me, and that's all.
Ch. 31 [ IMAGE ] How would Lexi choose?
Ch. 31 Whatever it is, whoever it is.
Ch. 32 His puppet.
Ch. 33 Bitch is back.
Ch. 34 Cairo!
Ch. 35 What's this?
Ch. 36 He's fucking in love-- No!
Ch. 37 You'll be gettin' more of me, bro.
Ch. 37 [ IMAGE ] Who would beat the hell out of Jaycee?
Ch. 38 I love you, I loved you all along.
Ch. 39 Really?
Ch. 40 Messages. New messages.
Ch. 40 [ IMAGE ] Ethan ♥ Lexi
Ch. 41 Fucking octopus
Ch. 42 Fucker's got a date.
Ch. 43 Bang.
Ch. 44 Idiot.
Ch. 45 A preview to the sequel.
Ch. 45 Chick-chick.
Ch. 46 Bullshit
Ch. 47 Two envelopes
Ch. 48 Catherine
Ch. 49 Two Weeks
Ch. 50 1 Year Old
Ch. 51 Lexi will do the dishes for you
Ch. 52 [ IMG ] Catherine
Ch. 52 2:00AM
Ch. 53 Look at me.
Ch. 54 I fall, you and I collide.
Ch. 55 "I love you, Irvine."
Ch. 56 Someday, not today.
Ch. 57 Do you love Irvine?
Ch. 58 Save your heart
Ch. 59 I think youíre insane and I think I believe you now.
Ch. 60 I must be scared, real scared.
Ch. 61 I love you, Alexine.
Ch. 62 College, Alexine.
Ch. 63 This, has got to end.
Ch. 64 I trust Ethan.
Ch. 65 You're no fair.
Ch. 66 Don't tell me to stop.
Ch. 67 Don't go, don't give up, don't let go of me.
Ch. 68 Goodbye.
Ch. 69 Sure thing.
Ch. 70 Almost crying.
Ch. 71 You loved it!
Ch. 72 So jealous, so betrayed, so replaced.
Ch. 73 Your sister is very proud of you too.
Ch. 74 She was mine, and no one elses.
Ch. 75 Stay With Me
Ch. 76 I smiled back, and gave him a thumbs up.
Ch. 77 I have to go to the bathroom.
Ch. 78 With the windows down and stereo blasting.
Ch. 79 Not until you sing this song with us!
Ch. 80 Scream!
Ch. 81 Where's Lexi?
Ch. 82 Let's cheers to this!
Ch. 83 Lexi's pink towel
Ch. 84 Take care.
Ch. 85 <3


nattpugh Monday, 11 July 2016
love this book, constantly re-read it!
Jace Parker Thursday, 10 March 2016
maximum ride is fucking awesome
Jace Parker Thursday, 10 March 2016
good book
teoreo Saturday, 23 January 2016
LilySHORTY55 Saturday, 23 January 2016
I love this book so much. My friend and I just made our accounts Today because my cousin is writing a book, I went and read hers but now Im interested in reading more. Way to go!

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