French Natural Remedies & Recipes from Beautiful Tasmania
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Submitted:Thursday, 13 December 2007
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How to replace expensive and dangerous drugs with easy to make natural remedies and healthy meals? Many books discussing natural medicines appear regularly on the market but French Natural Remedies & Recipes from Beautiful Tasmania is an innovation; it differs in four important ways.

Primarily, it focuses on physical and mental harmony. When the mind is disturbed, health is at risk; for this reason, the first section explains how to manage stress.
Then, it gives a brief description of the plants used in the recipes; this includes their legends, cultivations, and medicinal values. To treat minor disorders and conditions such as high cholesterol and blood pressure, only common plants have been selected. This choice is essential for two reasons: the readers will not worry about side effects as common plants are harmless when taken in reasonable amount; and they will be able to grow most of them in their own garden or they will buy them in any nursery or health food store.
In the following and essential sections, various types of remedies are offered to suit the whole familys preferences. Some like teas, capsules, or tinctures; children prefer syrups; and for special occasions or special cases, wines or liquors are appropriate.
Finally, the three last sections contain beautiful recipes to break the monotony of everyday meals and improve health. The readers will learn how to make creative seasonings, entrees, soups, main meals, and desserts.

Though I am not a doctor or an herbalist, for more than twenty years, I have used herbs to treat all the little discomforts my family and friends experienced through time. Many call me the Good Witch and come regularly to get their specially tailored remedies or to prepare their own composition.

My knowledge came from the tremendous work of brilliant herbalists. I compared their findings, experimented them, and discarded any suspicious plants. Then, I created my own remedies.

French Natural Remedies & Recipes from Beautiful Tasmania combines pleasure and healing. It is the ideal gift for anyone who is health conscious and love spending a little time in the garden and in the kitchen. All recipes are easy to make; and anyone who follows the instructions will be able to cook delicious meals and fill up their shelves with beautiful homemade remedies.
The book is illustrated with beautiful pictures of the Liffey Valley, which is part of the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage in Australia.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Introduction (extract)
Ch. 3 Wonderful Teas (Extract)
Ch. 5 Great Syrups and Cordials (Extract)