Noose Around My Neck
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Points to Consider: most importantly, seek treatment immediately following an event to promote healing.

A. Repetitive Strain Injury or Occupational Over-Use Syndrome reached world-wide epidemic proportions last century. A syndrome is a set of symptoms. Occupational Over-Use is a work-place injury brought about by repetitive actions causing strain on groups of muscles, nerves, soft-tissue, skeleton, energy and fluid pathways. Compounded by external force, e.g. motor vehicle accidents. You must get treatment immediately.

B. ACC needs to act on Medical Certificate recommendations; for years from 9/2000 - 10/2007 mine were ignored, and again from 2011 - current. I was in a better place after Cranial Osteopathy treatments until more accidents occurred! And costs soared.

Personnel must practise the ‘Ten Commandments’ of the Health and Disability Code. They are: Respect, Fair Treatment, Dignity and Independence, Proper Standards, Communication, Information, It’s Your Decision, Support, Teaching and Research, and finally, Complaints. I found, it is NOT OK to Complain.

C. ACC's staff need to develop customer services skills and change the majority of ACC workers’ attitudes towards us – their employers. OOS and other 'invisible injury' victims are treated with suspicion. ACC does its best to discourage claims and decline compensation, as do it's Assessors who lean towards their image of what they think ACC is looking for, they don't deal with facts in my considerable experience. It is difficult to get rehabilitation. ACC stole years of my life by ignoring all GP recommendations for treatment. Of my 14+ case managers, just three have done their job – to ‘assist [me] to lead as normal a life as possible’, and I am still fighting for help. I have gone to 2 Reviews, 4 Mediations, Court and numerous meetings, all of which a well person would find difficult. Truly insult to injury!

Assessors need to learn how to write objective reports, that is without personal comments and observations. These negative reports spit onto the next assessor, and no help is realised.

The Accident Compensation Corporation was set up for the people, by the people, during our time of need. We all pay our premiums. We are the Clients. ACC is the provider. All ACC personnel work for us i.e. assessors, case managers, administrators and government representatives. Without us, ACC could not operate. Remind them of this the next time one of them treats you badly - and they will attempt to do so.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Noose Around My Neck - Contents
Ch. 0 Appendix iii ACC Funded Treatments
Ch. 0 Appendix ii - ACC Statement
Ch. 0 Appendix iv - My Treatment Providers
Ch. 0 Appendix i - Letter of Protest
Ch. 0 Noose Around My Neck - The Short Story
Ch. 1 Overview of Symptoms
Ch. 2 The Interview Process
Ch. 3 ACC Process - Part One
Ch. 4 Daze and Knights
Ch. 5 "Know Your Rights" - A Critique
Ch. 6 A Personal Theory
Ch. 7 ACC Process - Part Two
Ch. 8 Working Remedies
Ch. 9 The Review
Ch. 10 The Appeal
Ch. 11 Towards Resolution


Avalon Maya. Friday, 9 April 2010
I have to say, The New Zealand ACC sucks! They wont cover Mum because she has Hep C, and they never cover me for my netball injrys, and the ones i get at school. I got hit in the face by a hockey stick the year before last, and they wouldnt cover me. Almost broke my nose too,,, They suck! Ugh! And that Nick fella trying to make us pay more for ACC we cant even get! That makes me mad. Anywho, just checking out a fellow NZ'ers work. Good job! Hope all is well for you know, Mrs Moody! =D Any relation to Emma Moody, btw? She goes to my school. Just wondering,,, =D
Alexei Zarya Monday, 8 February 2010
good read. goodluck to you.
Annette Mary Moody Friday, 6 February 2009
Thank you James. Still moving towards a resolution! However I am much better able to cope with a huge range of situations and people, especially those in 'authority'! Yes, I have avoided life as a cripple which is also empowering, though I need to acknowledge that age is now creeping into my range of movements, and that will slow me down somewhat!
Annette Mary Moody Friday, 6 February 2009
Thank you Vivie. You are right I did post a version that had not been edited. I have long since re-posted this chapter. I wanted to convey the experience of time as this story covers a 10 year period, and that is why I have no intention of changing the tense to past - it's very much in the present, touches of the past and very 'now'!
Annette Mary Moody Friday, 6 February 2009
Thank you Lizzie! That is exactly what I was trying to achieve - a living story that takes the reader with me through a difficult time - in an enlightening manner.

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