Music Saves My Soul
GenrePoetry / Drama
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Sunday, 23 January 2011
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When the moon goes up and the sun goes down, most can find their inner selves at play. But have you truly found what you are looking for? Sometimes, we may not even know what that is.
But, then again, do we really know anything? Not really. Life is tricky that way. Sometimes you just have to beleive in beleif itself. That, whether we know it or not, is how we will get through life.
Darkness is where most can find their inner light. Its where I've found mine. And I know many people who have found it the same way. So maybe sometimes your a little bit sad, lonely, maybe once in a while your alone. But we're all that way, as mentioned before, once in a while.


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Just a Moment of your Time
Ch. 1 I don't know...
Ch. 2 5 Senses
Ch. 3 The Writer
Ch. 4 The Evil One
Ch. 5 What is love?
Ch. 6 Insanity
Ch. 7 The Bringers
Ch. 8 Packaged
Ch. 9 Falling
Ch. 10 Parasites
Ch. 11 Safety Pin
Ch. 12 Restricted
Ch. 13 Abuse
Ch. 14 Pyro
Ch. 15 Teardrop
Ch. 16 The Young
Ch. 17 The Broken One
Ch. 19 The Sad Emo Girl
Ch. 20 Messed Up
Ch. 21 I miss you,
Ch. 22 Sunrise
Ch. 23 Content
Ch. 24 Waiting
Ch. 25 Drowning
Ch. 26 Everyday
Ch. 27 Don't Leave Me Here
Ch. 28 Like a...
Ch. 29 You
Ch. 30 I (don't) Miss You
Ch. 31 Help Me, For I am Lost
Ch. 32 Nothing to Make Sense Of.
Ch. 33 Fault
Ch. 34 The Game (PT.1)
Ch. 35 The Game (PT.2: Dear Cheater)
Ch. 36 A Short Conversation
Ch. 37 The Viper
Ch. 38 Pissed Off
Ch. 39 Insults
Ch. 40 I'm Too Afraid
Ch. 41 Why Try?
Ch. 42 Pretending
Ch. 43 Wondering
Ch. 44 Kill Me
Ch. 45 When
Ch. 46 Inside my Broken Heart
Ch. 47 Blood
Ch. 48 Talk to me...
Ch. 49 Don't
Ch. 50 Can't Escape
Ch. 51 How I Feel About This
Ch. 52 Where I've Been
Ch. 53 Passion


Kristen M.N. Hood Tuesday, 18 September 2012
i like this one
kattie1998 Thursday, 29 March 2012
I can totally relate to this:)love it

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