The Missing Piece
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Submitted:Tuesday, 11 January 2011
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In life we all tend to not exactly know what our purpose here on earth exactly is. We frequently tell ourselves that we are flawed and not near the definition of perfect. This is because of the drastic changes, media influence, and innovations in society that make us feel as if we need to be fixed. In reality, it is truly the exact and complete opposite. Sure we arenít perfect, but nobody ultimately is. We all carry out our own sense of uniqueness. However, many of us like me find ourselves tremendously, tragically trying to find our purpose and who we truly are. However, this isnít easy at all. Here I am, yet to find these things after sixteen and a half years. My life has never been easy, per say. Nonetheless, I probably have a purpose and this is me pushing myself to do exactly that. It life were perfection, weíd find ourselves flouring through everything life has to offer. Everyone would be living the American dream and live in country homes with white picket fences. I beg to differ, for life is considerably altered and differed. Many of us donít know what to do with ourselves when we are faced and come eye to eye with flaws and struggles. Technically, neither do I; so I am able to relate. If you think this is barbaric and complex, Iíd say start thinking positive on life alone; and try to connect with the things that make you the stunning, beautiful person that you beyond doubt are.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Epilogue:
Ch. 2 Tedious Temptations
Ch. 3 Non-Nourishing Neglect
Ch. 4 Devious Depression
Ch. 5 Faltering Foundation
Ch. 6 Dreadful Doubt
Ch. 7 Conclusion