Death Wish
GenreFiction / Young Adult
Age Rating:PG
Submitted:Wednesday, 22 April 2009
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Robert seemed to have it all together. A gorgeous wife, a beautiful sprawling home just outside of the city, and a comfy job. On top of that, he drives a Porsche. As far as his wife is concerned, just one thing is missing...a child. When Anna, Robert's wife, becomes pregnant, she learns that she will die shortly after she would give birth. But that does not deter Anna from loving the child growing within her, even as the moments of her life are ticking away. With her last manageable breath, she names the newborn, Charlotte.

Years later, Robert decides to get remarried. He could never love anyone as much as he loved Anna, but convincing himself it's for Charlotte's sake...she needs a mother. Thus, Irena comes into the picture. But what he does not realize, is that Charlotte seems to be a magnet for danger. She is constantly being chased, and hunted a never ending game of Hide and Seek. But this time, the stakes are high. There have already been several attempts on her life, and he can no longer shield her from the evil of the world.

So he does the only thing he can think of...runs. Only he has to make the choice, of letting someone go, and risks breaking his promise to his first love, Anna.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Flashbacks
Ch. 2 Wedding Bells?
Ch. 3 Birthday Candles
Ch. 4 Honestly
Ch. 5 Charlotte
Ch. 6 Favors
Ch. 7 Observations
Ch. 8 Discoveries, Reminiscing...


littlemissSmileZ Sunday, 20 December 2009
I think it is wonderful :)
jessisay Monday, 7 December 2009
I'm not really liking this chapter. I wrote it a long time ago, and just never made it view-able. For some reason, I don't know if it's the characters, the plot, or my writing abilities...I can't write anymore for this. Maybe I'm bored, or I've lost my motivation. Suggestions would be nice. (I haven't read through this chapter either)

For now I'm just going to focus on Razor Burn and a few of my other stories. :)
Camille Monday, 19 October 2009
I'll be reading more of this and posting my review later.
Berry Hall Thursday, 13 August 2009
add more ! add more! add more!
Berry Hall Wednesday, 12 August 2009
interesting...i like

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