Love Conquers [Character Edittion]
GenreBiographies / Fantasy
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Submitted:Monday, 20 December 2010
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Love Conquers Character Profiles and Pictures!
Much more about them and there history of life. A must read if your reading the book Love Conquers.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Character Name Preface
Ch. 2 Valerie Lynn Summers
Ch. 3 Vanessa Love Summers
Ch. 4 Vivian Laura Jones Summers
Ch. 5 Marlee Joann Fuentes
Ch. 6 Aubree Megan Fuentes
Ch. 7 Shane Bailey Ravin
Ch. 8 Michelle Marilyn Knightly
Ch. 9 Ethan Cole Spoor
Ch. 10 Jennifer Marie Davids
Ch. 11 Caleb Cristopher Knightly
Ch. 12 Landon Drew Adams


CueTheTears Wednesday, 17 August 2011
I like the idea of this, the biography type thing for characters in your book. I think I might do this too, it's a brilliant idea.
Marilyn B.C. Thursday, 27 January 2011
I know well I though it went with her.
Purple :)
awesomeness Tuesday, 18 January 2011
wheres his bio
awesomeness Tuesday, 18 January 2011
yayy purple!!!!!!!!!
awesomeness Tuesday, 18 January 2011
ashley olsen not liking skanks? hypocrite! jk

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