The Year of Secrets
by Dev
GenreYoung Adult / Fiction
Age Rating:R13
Submitted:Wednesday, 1 December 2010
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(2 ratings)
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Alli goes to camp without her boyfriend Ray for the first time. They decided to take a break and Alli decides to date another camper. Things turn bad and Alli is left with a nasty secret.

Alli loves Ray but can she ever be the person that is right for him with her past. No matter how much she tries to tell him there are somethings no body wants to hear.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Dead
Ch. 2 Marry you ?
Ch. 3 Plans and Memories
Ch. 4 Deja Vu
Ch. 5 Nightmare
Ch. 6 The Other Side
Ch. 7 Hazing
Ch. 8 The morning after
Ch. 9 Kiss and Tell
Ch. 10 Kissing friends
Ch. 11 Here We Go Again
Ch. 12 My Hero
Ch. 13 Simple Perfection
Ch. 14 The Note
Ch. 15 Top of The World
Ch. 16 Back To Reality
Ch. 17 The Hardest Thing
Ch. 18 Better Off Without Me
Ch. 19 Status
Ch. 20 I'm Back
Ch. 21 The Wedding
Ch. 22 Trial
Ch. 23 Mistake
Ch. 24 Big news


Elena Hathaway Tuesday, 26 April 2011
I like your writing style. You need to add a bit more punctuation here and there, but you got the emotional part down. Good job!
Capitalletters Thursday, 2 December 2010
Youíre not afraid of letting your creative juices flow while your personality really comes out with your writing. You have a really nice style of writing - very professional and understanding.
Well done and mind reading mine? : )

PS. Don't abuse your use of capitals!

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