Poetry From The Weakened Soul
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Submitted:Saturday, 20 November 2010
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It all started with a migraine. Then remembering my past pain. Suddenly, I talk in verse, I write in verse, and I think in verse. Now, as the days go by, I write down poems every day, and I'll share as often as I can. Be sure to check out my other poetry books!


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Phone Call: Part I
Ch. 2 Phone Call: Part II
Ch. 3 Phone Call: Part III
Ch. 4 No Friends
Ch. 5 Guess Again
Ch. 6 By Tomorrow
Ch. 7 My Beautiful Angel (MUST READ: This is my favorite and most meaningful poem)
Ch. 8 Into My Shell
Ch. 9 True Perfection
Ch. 10 Choose Not To Believe
Ch. 11 Paper Playground
Ch. 12 Your Sickness
Ch. 13 Back To You
Ch. 14 That's Love
Ch. 15 Relationship Sorrow
Ch. 16 Could You?
Ch. 17 Your Fault
Ch. 18 Death Web
Ch. 19 Very Long Gone
Ch. 20 Ever Love
Ch. 21 My Heart Fell
Ch. 22 Perfect
Ch. 23 I Can Say You're Mine
Ch. 24 Bye To Your Lies
Ch. 25 Amuse Yourself
Ch. 26 Forget It
Ch. 27 Wandering Messiah
Ch. 28 Weeding
Ch. 29 Beauty Squirms
Ch. 30 When You
Ch. 31 Putting Demons Away
Ch. 32 The Next Time You Wake Up
Ch. 33 Shut You Out
Ch. 34 Something To Hold Onto
Ch. 35 Bleed Bleed
Ch. 36 Empty Fix
Ch. 37 Belong Together
Ch. 38 For A Ride
Ch. 39 See Through
Ch. 40 Guess That's Me
Ch. 41 The Sadist
Ch. 42 Poem For You
Ch. 43 Engraved Forever
Ch. 44 Away, Please
Ch. 45 Weak Flame
Ch. 46 Hurts More
Ch. 47 It's Me
Ch. 48 Sorrow, Anger, Love
Ch. 49 Good Riddance
Ch. 50 Useless Rhymes
Ch. 51 Walking Alone Again
Ch. 52 Dead Stop
Ch. 53 Ease The Pain
Ch. 54 Fuck Up
Ch. 55 Refuse To Listen
Ch. 56 Cleanse My Soul, I'm Worthless
Ch. 57 If There Was
Ch. 58 Take The Fall
Ch. 59 0Pink<3Pen0
Ch. 60 Paradox Box
Ch. 61 Before Your Eyes
Ch. 62 Battered Toys
Ch. 63 Sorry, You're Nothing
Ch. 64 Not Meant To Be
Ch. 65 Bitch To Me
Ch. 66 The Planet's Alive!
Ch. 67 Feel No Shame
Ch. 68 Eli, Kevin, We're Bros Forever
Ch. 69 Another Beer To Drown In
Ch. 70 I Never
Ch. 71 What Makes Me Dangerous
Ch. 72 A Favor
Ch. 73 So Beautiful
Ch. 74 I'm A Reject, To You
Ch. 75 Remember Me. Release Me.
Ch. 76 Can't Escape
Ch. 77 My Way Away From You
Ch. 78 Phoenix
Ch. 79 Silver Bullet
Ch. 80 Forward Magnet
Ch. 81 Goodnight Poem
Ch. 82 Diaphragm
Ch. 83 Release
Ch. 84 Perfect Day
Ch. 85 Man On The Run
Ch. 86 Being Hones'
Ch. 87 Falling Asleep
Ch. 88 Don't Bother Me Again
Ch. 89 Awake
Ch. 90 Longing You
Ch. 91 All My Lies
Ch. 92 Just For Tonight
Ch. 93 Shadows In The Dark
Ch. 94 This Better Be A Dream
Ch. 95 Shadow Inn
Ch. 96 Wall
Ch. 97 Spur Of The Moment
Ch. 98 I Cheated
Ch. 99 Can You Forgive Me?
Ch. 100 Tears And Years
Ch. 101 Amends
Ch. 102 Out Here For You!
Ch. 103 Do It Again
Ch. 104 Forward
Ch. 105 Scarlet Rift
Ch. 106 Dignity
Ch. 107 Lost Soul
Ch. 108 You're Weak
Ch. 109 Open Sore
Ch. 110 Somewhere Else
Ch. 111 To Gain!
Ch. 112 Trust Me, Tonight
Ch. 113 What Tough Is
Ch. 114 Doesn't Exist
Ch. 115 Land Of Hell
Ch. 116 She
Ch. 117 Kicking Range
Ch. 118 Times Change
Ch. 119 Die Without You
Ch. 120 "Baby, I love you."
Ch. 121 Dog Collar
Ch. 122 Tear Them Apart
Ch. 123 Hiding From Them, Maybe?
Ch. 124 Goddess In Golden Skin
Ch. 125 Charcoaled Soul
Ch. 126 Lost Each Other
Ch. 127 Hell Of A Year, Weather's Perfect, To Me
Ch. 128 Was All Your Love Worth It Or Not?
Ch. 129 Killed You
Ch. 130 Maybe It's My Fault (Song)
Ch. 131 Grind The Pain Into You
Ch. 132 Shattered Words, Broken
Ch. 133 Dating Your Daughter
Ch. 134 Play Toy
Ch. 135 Breaking Out
Ch. 136 This Hate
Ch. 137 I Can't Believe I Missed You
Ch. 138 Cold, Self-Destructive Remains
Ch. 139 Burn My Liver Out, I Don't Need It
Ch. 140 Superhero Calls
Ch. 141 The Final Fight
Ch. 142 Imprisoned Here, Can't You Just Kill Me?
Ch. 143 Old, Poor Soul
Ch. 144 This Is All Your Fault! (Song)
Ch. 145 Overused Clichés
Ch. 146 I Won't Be Your Smoking Gun
Ch. 147 Pull The Trigger
Ch. 148 And This Was My Aspiration! (Song)
Ch. 149 How Does It Feel?
Ch. 150 It's No Wonder
Ch. 151 I Can Move On From You
Ch. 152 Begin Anew
Ch. 153 Lodged In My Brain
Ch. 154 Death Is Scattered
Ch. 155 Eat Out Your Heart
Ch. 156 Blood Tube
Ch. 157 Less Than Three <3
Ch. 158 Half As Good As Me
Ch. 159 Slowly (Song)
Ch. 160 A Few Changes
Ch. 161 So Happy, So Lonely
Ch. 162 Part Of My Imagination
Ch. 163 One True Love
Ch. 164 No More Heroes! (Song Based Upon A Video Game Of The Same Title)
Ch. 165 Did I Imagine It
Ch. 166 The Past
Ch. 167 Next To One Another
Ch. 168 A Tornado Meeting A Volcano
Ch. 169 Torture Chamber
Ch. 170 I Wanna Love You
Ch. 171 The Right Gone Wrong
Ch. 172 Spend
Ch. 173 It's Over
Ch. 174 Couldn't Even Kiss You
Ch. 175 You'll Find Me
Ch. 176 You've Gone Too Far
Ch. 177 Under My Skin
Ch. 178 Want To Go Lay Down...
Ch. 179 To Lay Down
Ch. 180 Never Forget Me
Ch. 181 Could You Love This Beast?
Ch. 182 Bond Blaze Of Black Fire
Ch. 183 What A Wonderful World
Ch. 184 Survive My Melody
Ch. 185 What We Knew
Ch. 186 I Want You To Be With Me
Ch. 187 Never Saw This Coming
Ch. 188 Why Can't We Live In Harmony?
Ch. 189 Kinda Funny
Ch. 190 Should We Get Bored
Ch. 191 Disgrace To Me, A Face To You
Ch. 192 Abused Boy's Lament
Ch. 193 So Distanced
Ch. 194 Save The Girl In The Bright
Ch. 195 You Become Part Of Me
Ch. 196 A Little Story
Ch. 197 I Love You More Than Life
Ch. 198 I'm So Sorry
Ch. 199 Why Do I Bother?
Ch. 200 Can You Feel That?


Angee Wednesday, 16 July 2014
I really love your words... I can definitely relate!
Steve R. Saturday, 22 June 2013
Your work is interesting, I find it that way because you remind me of myself. An Individual that lives in the darkness, it suck when you are an egotistical self-centered person held captive by the darkness. To me, your messages scream inner pain. If that is your objective, you got it down Neil.
Wilma Friday, 30 November 2012
Really can relate to your poem especially today.
Youngg Poetta Wednesday, 21 November 2012
This is very relate-able. Keep up the good work.
Julia Wilson Friday, 15 June 2012
Pretty good!

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