GenreYoung Adult / Drama
Age Rating:R15
Submitted:Saturday, 20 November 2010
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After suffering in silence for seven years, Azrael's secret was told to the world. Now, living with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Kelly, he feels he's hit an all time rock-bottom low.
Ruby feels hopeless against her boyfriend's depression - nothing she does seems to pull him out of it. She's starting to reach the end of her tether.
Emerson seems to be the middle man in the situation. Guilty for telling Azrael's secret, he'd desperate to make it up to him by and means necessary.
And then there's the night...


List of chapters

Ch. 0 Characters
Ch. 1 Ruby
Ch. 2 Azrael
Ch. 3 Emerson
Ch. 4 Ruby
Ch. 5 Azrael
Ch. 6 Emerson
Ch. 7 Ruby
Ch. 8 Azrael
Ch. 9 Emerson
Ch. 10 Ruby
Ch. 11 Azrael
Ch. 12 Emerson
Ch. 13 Ruby
Ch. 14 Azrael
Ch. 15 Emerson
Ch. 16 Ruby
Ch. 17 Azrael
Ch. 18 Emerson
Ch. 19 Ruby
Ch. 20 Azrael
Ch. 21 Emerson
Ch. 22 Ruby
Ch. 23 Azrael
Ch. 24 Emerson
Ch. 25 Ruby
Ch. 26 Azrael
Ch. 27 Emerson
Ch. 28 Ruby
Ch. 29 Azrael
Ch. 30 Emerson
Ch. 31 Ruby
Ch. 32 Azrael
Ch. 33 Emerson
Ch. 34 Ruby
Ch. 35 Azrael
Ch. 36 Emerson
Ch. 37 Ruby


Lily Griffin Monday, 20 January 2014
This is great, it has a nice flow to it!
637974 Saturday, 8 October 2011
One more comment, just to push it out of sight...
637974 Saturday, 8 October 2011
I apologize for my previous comment. I was trying out ghetto-talk. I know, I failed miserably.
Tahani Wednesday, 8 June 2011
to: i have soft socks-seriously? O_O
Tahani Wednesday, 8 June 2011
hmmm interesting

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