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Submitted:Wednesday, 17 November 2010
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I have made 500+ poems, here's some of my favorites and newest ones.


List of chapters

Ch. 1 Language Warning
Ch. 2 Raw Emotions
Ch. 3 Get Away From Me
Ch. 4 Once Upon A Time
Ch. 5 Killer
Ch. 6 Jealousy
Ch. 7 No Longer Me
Ch. 8 War
Ch. 9 Angelic Scribbles
Ch. 10 Blue Meadow
Ch. 11 Mouse Maze
Ch. 12 Bitter Sweet
Ch. 13 Marry Him
Ch. 14 I'm Leaving You
Ch. 15 Gained My Pain
Ch. 16 I Don't Love You
Ch. 17 Wonderland
Ch. 18 Forever
Ch. 19 I Still Love You
Ch. 20 Please Come Back
Ch. 21 Without A Care
Ch. 22 Traded
Ch. 23 As Beautiful As You
Ch. 24 Right?
Ch. 25 It's All You
Ch. 26 The Ways I Love You
Ch. 27 Drug Of Choice
Ch. 28 Envious
Ch. 29 I Think, I Know
Ch. 30 Cure My Disease
Ch. 31 Truly Love You
Ch. 32 As Perfect As You
Ch. 33 Muscle Ripping
Ch. 34 Where You Stand
Ch. 35 You Know Why
Ch. 36 Waiting For You
Ch. 37 One Last Chance
Ch. 38 Kellsie Poem
Ch. 39 Fire Assumes My Soul
Ch. 40 He's Crying
Ch. 41 Hood
Ch. 42 See Your Eyes
Ch. 43 Crumpling
Ch. 44 Could Have Been
Ch. 45 Breathe Without You
Ch. 46 Stranded
Ch. 47 Sin
Ch. 48 What's Wrong With Me?
Ch. 49 Drugs
Ch. 50 With Me
Ch. 51 Good Day
Ch. 52 Hypocrite
Ch. 53 Finger Pain
Ch. 54 Bro
Ch. 55 Kill For A Thrill
Ch. 56 Keep
Ch. 57 Help Me
Ch. 58 Need Your Drug
Ch. 59 Betrayed
Ch. 60 Still Not You
Ch. 61 Feeling Guilty
Ch. 62 Priest
Ch. 63 Completed
Ch. 64 Fucked Up Inside
Ch. 65 Let Us In
Ch. 66 Final Chance
Ch. 67 Me Or Her?
Ch. 68 Kissing Him
Ch. 69 Survive
Ch. 70 True Feelings
Ch. 71 Caring
Ch. 72 The Same
Ch. 73 Shell
Ch. 74 Break
Ch. 75 He Is Me
Ch. 76 All That Really Matters
Ch. 77 Walking Through Walls
Ch. 78 I Hate You
Ch. 79 Help Me Now
Ch. 80 Sick
Ch. 81 Sleepless
Ch. 82 I Need You
Ch. 83 Detention
Ch. 84 Coming Down
Ch. 85 No Regrets
Ch. 86 Rape
Ch. 87 Just
Ch. 88 Go To Hell
Ch. 89 Because Of You
Ch. 90 Wonderful Day
Ch. 91 Caterpillar
Ch. 92 Helpless
Ch. 93 Disassembled
Ch. 94 Target
Ch. 95 Favorite Game
Ch. 96 More
Ch. 97 Silent Sigh
Ch. 98 Gone
Ch. 99 Crushed Me
Ch. 100 Goodbye, World
Ch. 101 Missing Someone
Ch. 102 Smoke
Ch. 103 Cast
Ch. 104 I Am God
Ch. 105 Shattered
Ch. 106 Lying To Me
Ch. 107 Myself
Ch. 108 Shit
Ch. 109 One Month
Ch. 110 Like You
Ch. 111 Cancerous Blasphemy
Ch. 112 My Scars
Ch. 113 Just A Few Words
Ch. 114 Paragraph
Ch. 115 Obvious
Ch. 116 From The Start
Ch. 117 Cyanide
Ch. 118 Believe
Ch. 119 Hurt
Ch. 120 Next
Ch. 121 King
Ch. 122 Thread
Ch. 123 Messed Up
Ch. 124 Long Way
Ch. 125 Lock
Ch. 126 Can't Hear
Ch. 127 Hold Me Now
Ch. 128 Deep
Ch. 129 Dream
Ch. 130 It Hurts
Ch. 131 Kellsie
Ch. 132 Exposed
Ch. 133 Second Place
Ch. 134 Memory
Ch. 135 Yes
Ch. 136 Push
Ch. 137 Last Week
Ch. 138 Swords
Ch. 139 Question
Ch. 140 Filled Up
Ch. 141 Coattails
Ch. 142 Paradise
Ch. 143 Blood On The Floor
Ch. 144 Missing
Ch. 145 What's Wrong?
Ch. 146 Say Yes
Ch. 147 So...
Ch. 148 Quick Rhymes
Ch. 149 Razor Blade
Ch. 150 Hurting
Ch. 151 Best Friend
Ch. 152 Bargain Of The Galaxy
Ch. 153 Fallen Again
Ch. 154 You're
Ch. 155 Saved
Ch. 156 Knife
Ch. 157 One Word
Ch. 158 Under The Crimson Eclipse
Ch. 159 Black Spot
Ch. 160 Left For Me
Ch. 161 Grow
Ch. 162 Forgive Me
Ch. 163 Someone
Ch. 164 Speed Poem
Ch. 165 Die Tonight
Ch. 166 Destiny
Ch. 167 Left
Ch. 168 Venus Fly Trap
Ch. 169 Dreams
Ch. 170 Cold Sleep
Ch. 171 Outta Luck
Ch. 172 Mother (Song)
Ch. 173 Piss Off
Ch. 174 It's You
Ch. 175 Breathe
Ch. 176 Promise Land
Ch. 177 Scar Candy
Ch. 178 My Vow
Ch. 179 Apart
Ch. 180 Unusual Pain
Ch. 181 Love Me Too
Ch. 182 To You All
Ch. 183 Aching Chest
Ch. 184 To The Mirror
Ch. 185 Jesus
Ch. 186 You And Me
Ch. 187 Used
Ch. 188 My Voice
Ch. 189 My Good Friend
Ch. 190 All I Need
Ch. 191 Jaguar
Ch. 192 I Understand
Ch. 193 Hidden
Ch. 194 Turn Your Back
Ch. 195 Fire Inside
Ch. 196 The Caramel Tree
Ch. 197 Beast Inside
Ch. 198 Broken Angel
Ch. 199 An Ex Lover's Note
Ch. 200 My Final Poem


H.D. Armstrong Wednesday, 17 July 2013
You have a very deep, creative soul. Keep writing.
Colorless Thursday, 11 April 2013
It's a lot like Eminem. Clean it up a bit (:

But 500+ poems? Damn.
becca412 Sunday, 18 November 2012
this is amazing. i absolutely love this
Jordan Yates Monday, 5 September 2011
The swearing all throughout the poem ruins it. And it's a bit... Angry. I understand the depressing mood of it (That's how I write my poetry, as well) but it's very, very choppy, and it reads more like a story than a poem. It's not artful (at least, this one isn't), it's more like a conversation... Writing that anyone could put together. I'm not insulting your writing skills (Which you may or may not have, I haven't read enough to know), but personally, I feel you should get rid of some of the excessive wording and clean it up a bit. :)
R.J. Willows Monday, 14 March 2011
I've read a few of you poems now, from this book and the first one. You seem to appreciate critism, so here's what I think:

1 you're syllables (sorry if I misspelt that) are inconsistant in your lines. You sound chopy and the words don't flow.
2 I'm not a fan of your subject matter. I can't even tell what's going on and your writing bums me out. I read poems to make me feel good, not to get in an even worse mood. It's great to get your feelings out in writing, I know that for sure, but these are poems that you might want to just keep to yourself.
3 Put in some punctuation! I don't remember any other poems, but the one I'm looking at doesn't give the reader a place to take a breath til the very end.
4 Try using more interesting words. This just sounds like everyday conversation to me.
5 Some of your rhymes are really predictable. Especailly when you rhymed throat with goat. That just didn't make sense in the context of the poem. Do goats bleed in a different way than everybody else? You could do better.
6 Your syntax kills me. The length of your lines are inconsistant and don't match each other.

Sorry if that was mean. I like some of your writing. Like the line, "Let me be right." was really powerful, even though I don't know what it meant. And I liked your repetition in the today poem. Keep writing and best wishes!

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